Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sick kiddo

Darn germs and their wild fire ways. You know when you have one sick child, the other is bound to get sick. AJ was sick a couple days ago, and sure enough, today Elijah started coming down with it. It is mostly a cough/cold/chest thing. Not so much a big deal for AJ, but Elijah's lungs are more sensitive to such things. He has had asthma since he was 3 months old, and whooping cough when he was 2 months old. Coughs, nebulizers, and inhalers aren't anything new for me.

Luckily, over the last year or so Elijah's asthma has really been under control. So much that he hasn't even needed his nebulizer. If he did have a little bout of something, he was able to use his inhaler and be done with it. The last time he had an actual albuterol prescription filled for his nebulizer was the end of 09! That one expired end of '10. First thing this morning, once I realized how pitiful he looked and noticed his wheezing, was to call the on-call doctor/pediatrician. Well, first I called Target Pharmacy who said they can't fill it if the drug expired. Fine, I'll call the on call doc. She says have them send over the request to the on call operator. I call them, relay the message. A few hours later, I call back Target Pharmacy for them to say they haven't heard anything. Oy vey. I call the on call operator, again, and talk to the physician assistant, again. After some runaround, I'm told to call target pharmacy (again) and tell them to call the physician assistant so she can fill it. I call them, they say no they won't do that because his prescription is too old. Say what? At this point, I'm fed up with both groups of people, turning into an emotional mess and getting all teary eyed. What I thought would be an easy phone call to fill a medication he obviously needs turned into a frustrating ordeal. I give up, call up the husband and tell him just to give Elijah the inhaler and we'll get the rest straightened out later this week. I'm also ranting and raving about how I'm sick of everyone giving me the run around and yada yada yada.

Around 6, the physician assistant calls me again wondering what happened and why she hadn't heard from Target Pharmacy. I tell her what happened and how I got frustrated playing this middle man between the two parties who couldn't agree on anything. She explains herself, then promptly expresses her extreme frustration with Target Pharmacy pulling this nonsense on a child who has asthma, and calls in a prescription for him at our 24 hour pharmacy Walgreens. Thank you! Sheesh. What frustration. I'm just glad he got what he needed for tonight.

I'm also proud of how well Elijah handled the whole thing. He wore his mask without complaints and handled it like such a big boy! I know he is probably used to it, but it has been a while since we used the noisy nebulizer and I thought he might get upset by the noise. Nope, he was fine! I asked him if he could give a thumbs up if he was doing okay, and he did. Sweet. ;)

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Child Anxiety Mom said...

When it rains, it pours, as they say. That sure goes double for sick kids (and husbands (and sisters)).

Penny said...

Oh man! I feel for you and the poor little fellows! My grandson had it really bad when he was younger, but he did somewhat out grow it! Hope they get well soon and no more pharmacy drama! Sometimes I think pharmacy employees "think" they are the DR! Love Penny

Rumpydog said...

I hate getting the runaround, but when child is involved it's just overwhelming. I am glad you got your meds for your son.