Friday, October 26, 2012

oh-em-gee it's a mini!

Excuse me while I give a giddy squeal in excitement about the latest news that Sprint is going to carry the iPad Mini and the iPad 4.

The iPad Mini is going to have a 7.9 inch screen, the A5 dual core chip, and much thinner.

We all know I'm a bit of a technology junkie. Originally I wanted the iPhone 5, in 64GB. Okay, I still do, and if I were rich I'd already own one.  However, now that we are getting the iPad mini, I'm really considering putting the money I would have spent on the 64GB iPhone 5 towards a 32GB iPad Mini.  I won't have to use my upgrade, It'll be only an extra $30 to get the mini, with a larger screen, all the features of the iPad, but not as big as the iPad (or my Galaxy 10.1 in tablet).  Realistically, my 4S is working fine, my only complaint is against myself and wishing I went with the 64GB phone instead.  But hey, this one still works great, so maybe I can compromise and go with the iPad mini, put all my massive amounts of apps on there, and leave the 16GB for mostly photos and music.

Of course, knowing me, Apple will come out with something else in two months and I'll be salivating over that too.

Who know one year ago I was die-hard Android junkie, and now I've converted to Apple... I never saw it coming. ;)  Ahh the joys of working in the technology field.  I love it!