Thursday, January 5, 2012

AJ, what big eyes you have!

Adam got his vision checked for the first time today. At times, he has a tendency to be a bit clumsy and sometimes stands really close to the tv. I figured he was probably fine, but I also wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with his vision. What a trooper he was! He acted like a pro putting his head up to the equipment for the tests. He even survived his pupils being dilated (through a few tears after the eye drops, of course). In the end, we found out he is a little farsighted but he doesn't need glasses at this point in time! Hooray! :) I felt so relieved having taken him in just to double check.

I couldn't help but laugh at how huge his pupils got when they were dilated. I kept thinking, "Why Adam, what big eyes you have!" (The better to see you with!)

Project 365 / Project Life - January 5

Typical AJ, always in good spirits. :) Well, except when he is acting like a 3 year old... LOL

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