Sunday, December 19, 2010

S.S. Marlana (Creative Writing)

S.S. Marlana

Ah, you’d like to know about our ship, the S.S. Marlana? Oh yes, she’s a fine ship indeed. There is more the S.S. Marlana than what meets the eye, though. S.S. Marlana’s primary purpose is taking her passengers on short cruises around the coast. We prefer to keep her close. Why you ask? First, let me tell you about her.

She does best on calm, subdued seas. After all, what ship does not like the mellow waves and smooth sailing? We have routine passengers that travel on this wonderful ship. It’s a fun ship, filled with games, comedians, and fine dining. You’ll never get bored, as you’ll always find something entertaining on her deck! And the food! You won’t find artificial flavors or preservatives from her kitchens or meals. No sir, on the S.S. Marlana we prepare all meals from scratch and cook to perfection for her guests. You should try visiting her bars. Grab a drink and lay out on the deck by the pool. She has the finest liquors and wines. Most often, you will find her guests there, body’s totally relaxed, drink in one hand, eyes closed, enjoying the best ship in our line. Anyone who stays on the S.S. Marlana is quite pleased and has the most pleasurable experience. It is what she does best; makes her guests happy.

However, the S.S. Marlana is rough and tough. This ship has endured her share of trials and has conquered the raging storms. She’s a tough ship, and will take any hurricane, monsoon, thunder, or lightening you throw at her and continues to float along, remaining unstoppable and unsinkable. Oh, I see that look you are giving me, that face tells me you are thinking, “Well, all ships are built to withstand stormy weather.” This is true, I won’t deny, but we have a hidden secret about her. I’ll let you in on our little secret, as well. Hidden within her deck and through the ship are some of the finest, most protective weapons we have. People who sail on her ship are some our most important clientele! Her routine passengers are family, close friends, and young children. These people, being so significant, require the highest security imaginable and the utmost protection. If anyone dares to mess with our ship, or passengers, then those people must be ready for a fierce battle. She quickly transforms into the grandest battleship. Yes, there have been some people stupid enough to mess with our grandest S.S. Marlana, and yes, everyone one of them has lost.

Feel free to come enjoy a stay on this fine cruise, but now you know: don’t mess with this ship.