Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Cat Whisperer

Adam James - The Cat Whisperer

Project 365 / Project Life - January 3

When Adam was a few months old, we came across these two kittens. We named them Mio & Mao -- if any of you ever watch Baby First TV channel with your kids, you'll understand the name of these kittens inspired from claymation kittens.

Adam and Mio developed a special bond together. Mio would snuggle with AJ all the time, and AJ would love Mio's snuggles. Now, I'll add here that AJ had terrible reflux as a baby and was cranky all.the.time. Suddenly, we came across this miracle cat who calmed AJ down. As they grew more comfortable together, Mio even started sleeping (gasp!) in AJ's crib with him. However, he would never get near his face, he'd lay by his legs and purr away while AJ would fall asleep with his hand on Mio.

I wonder if it started with Mio, or if AJ naturally has a special bond with cats, or maybe a little of both?

Poor Mio passed away almost a year ago (February 2010). We've had many pets come and go, but that was a tough loss, especially knowing how close AJ and Mio were. For AJ's 3rd birthday, we adopted two new kittens (one for AJ and one for Elijah). A few weeks ago we found another kitten under the house. AJ adores all the cats. He plays with them, he feeds them, he carries them around the house. The most amazing part, they all put up with him! I'm sure you can create a glorious image in your mind of a little boy carrying around a cat like a rag doll. However, the cats just love him, and he loves them!

Needless to say, AJ has a new name around the house, he's "AJ the Cat Whisperer."

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Nancy said...

I love to hear stories about special bonds that develop between people and their pets.