Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello Bunk Beds

Farewell Convertible Crib...

Hello Bunk Beds!
Project 365 / Project Life - January 4

We finally did it. We got brave enough to move the boys to bunk beds. They are thrilled over their new beds. It is like a playground in their room. I can't get over how much extra space they seem to have now. Of course, with the rearranging of a new bed comes the rearranging (and purging) of all the stuff in their room. (Now I'm straight-up exhausted after it all).


What boggles my mind is the question... when did my babies turn into little boys? It's bittersweet seeing the convertible crib come out of the room. I'm excited for their new adventures into bunk beds, but it's a little sad knowing your little ones don't need that little bed anymore. I try to cope by looking at the adventures that are ahead. Elijah got a new Cars 2 blanket for Christmas, so AJ got to pick out a new blanket for their bunk beds. Instead of dwelling on the sadness of seeing the cutesie sheets and blankets with puppies and stars, I decide to count my blessings that I have two little boys growing strong and having the precious chance to grow into boys who are getting Cars blankets -- and for AJ -- Captain America!

I wonder how other parents cope with their little ones turning into big kids? 'Tis part of life, I suppose!

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