Thursday, March 26, 2009

Play Date pictures!!

Jessica & I got our kiddos together again.. it's been MONTHS.  The cold weather and our busy lives kept us from getting together.  Having kids 14-15 months apart sure puts a cramp on things. BUT it was a gorgeous day out today, so we met at a park close to our houses.  Dane & Elijah had a blast.  The climbed, they ran, they ignored each other, then they played together again. LOL!  Elijah & Dane found some other kids stroller/car pushy thing... of course THEY wanted to play with the car and drive this thing.  Luckily the parents were nice and let our boys play.  Elijah got in, Dane pushed Elijah.  Then Elijah got out, Dane got in, and Elijah pushed Dane for a min, then left him... haha!  They went back and forth for a bit, then it looked like they were "fixing" the car together.  Such boys!!  Adam and Chloe sat side by side in their strollers, or in our arms while we chased the boys yelling, "Elijah!  Come back!"  "Dane, move from the slide!" "Elijah you need to share!"  I also put AJ in the swing.  By that time he was so tired and was falling asleep in the swing!  It was hilarious.  Anyways, here's some photos :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No mojo last night

I went to a crop... from almost 7 oclock till midnight... and I pretty much accomplished NOTHING!  I cut stuff the wrong size, I completely forgot how to measure, shapes on the Sizzix were coming out backwards and no colors of anything matched!  Ahh!!  SOOOO I just said forget it by the end of the night and sat and talked for a bit before I went home. LOL

Maybe once my big ol' box of stuff comes in the mail I'll be ready to go again!

Sunday, March 1, 2009