Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dance, Dance!

Elijah tells me now that he wants to take dance classes. Melt-my-heart. He was showing me some of his dancing tonight on my parents new laminate floor. It reminds me just of a dance studio floor. Of course, I had to show him a few of my skills and bust out some pirouettes and such. I tried for a grand jete and that was a joke. I tried for a jete, and that was pretty pitiful too. I finally settled on a few pirouettes to show him. Elijah and AJ absolutely loved it. They were copying me and really concentrating on what I was showing them. That's when Elijah told me he wants to take dance classes.

Boys can dance too, you know! ;)

I also pulled out Just Dance 3 for the boys tonight. I caught a few photos of them getting into it. Love!

Project 365 / Project Life - Jan 15

Happy Sunday! While the rest of the world enjoys their three day weekend... I'm working! It's all right, I had a good day at work today! That's all that matters. :)


okanogangirl said...

That is too cute! :)


everydayproducts andmore said...

too cute i want to try that although i wouldn't look so cute cute lol newest follower from the hop

See Beautiful said...

Oh, love this post. His dancing and desire to do so is precious! Hoping over from the Mingle Monday blog hop and just became your newest follower. I love and appreciate the inspiration that you share with us.

Have a feeling you'd love See Beautiful too.

I'll be back to play soon. Happy seeing beautiful

Heather M said...

That is such a cute family moment.

Steffanie said...

I love it when kids dance! Unfortunately my kids re getting to the age where they won't let me see them dance anymore!