Monday, January 9, 2012

Proud moments

Ever look at something and think of how proud and privileged you are to have certain people in your life? Without those special loved ones, life wouldn't be the same. Seeing the passion of others makes me realize how much each person touches us every day; how each person and what they do, or the way they express their passion brings a smile to my face. I'm touched by some of those moments this evening.

My wonderful husband sketching little monster designs... I love his art and the excitement he has for design. He inspires me to continue pursuing what I love every night. As he sits and sketches, it reminds me to sit and write. Even if it is just a sentence or two, the point is to just keep writing... just keep doing what we are passionate about.

Project 365 / Project Life - Jan 9

Check out this awesome little video from my good friend Max (--MAXIMUS!-- picture me saying that all Gladiator style). This video makes me so proud that he is a friend in our lives, and even more proud that he is Adam's Godfather. What a wonderful inspiration AJ has to look to as his Godfather. This evening, as Patrick and I were talking, we were expressing our disappointment over the current state our country is in. I look at the unemployment rate around us, so many struggling, and see everything says "Made in China," -- it is disheartening. I ordered an NFL jersey all to find out... where is it shipping from? China. (We can't even make an NFL jersey here? Really?!)

We're very passionate about the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. In fact, I should kick myself a bit more to blog about it. Seeing this video with Max in it makes my heart leap and gives me such encouragement that there are people out there who still care about our country. There are people out there willing to fight to better our lives in America. Seeing Max's devotion and love inspires me. Every time I'm feeling a little down about the state of the world, I can turn to something from him and feel that fire burning inside me again to push for what we believe in.

I hope some people can take two minutes to check out this video!

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