Friday, January 6, 2012

Directions? We don't need no stinking directions...

Is it innate in men to not read directions? I think it must be in their DNA. Yesterday, I was putting together this wire shelf for the boys' room to hold their massive amounts of toys. I snapped the photo of it this morning and reflected on the humor of putting together this wire-shelf.

I was putting it together in the kitchen, looking over the directions and carefully following the steps making sure I put it together the correct way. Elijah looks at me curiously. Finally, he walks up to me and says, "Don't look at the directions, Mom. Just try to figure it out." Yes, I laughed hysterically. I couldn't help but ask him, "Is it innate that you men don't want to read directions?!" He didn't get it, but it was pretty darn funny. As I stood in their room this morning admiring our two day accomplishments and transformation, I chuckled ever time I looked at the wire rack because all I could hear in my mind was Elijah's voice, "Don't look at the directions!"

Not looking at directions... it must be in the male DNA.

Project 365 / Project Life - Jan 6

Finally, the completed room! I can't believe how much it looks like a BOY ROOM now. Not a baby room with a crib, but a LITTLE BOY'S room. I think I'm in love with their room as much as they are!

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Little Notebook said...

I agree, the no directions thing really seems to be something boys are born with. My son will sit on the floor and get frustrated over transforming a Transformer for an hour instead of looking at the directions and doing it the right way in shorter time. Ugh. The room looks great, as does the shelf! If only my kids rooms were even close to being that organized...