Monday, November 24, 2008

ear infection. yipee.

Mommy's hunch was right!! For the past few days (actually about a week), I was suspicious Elijah was getting an ear infection. He had no fever, so I thought we'd just let it ride it out. Late last week he came down with a cold, and over the weekend had a fever lingering around 100, but nothing big. I was just giving him motrin and tylenol. Must've kept the fever at bay. Last night he started putting his ear to his shoulder so I basically KNEW he had an ear infection! This morning he wasn't interested in doing anything, he just sat in my lap or on the couch all morning. soooo unlike him!!! I made a sick child appointment this afternoon and yep, poor guy has an ear infection! This is #3 out of his whole baby/childhood... so I think that's pretty good!! Not too many really! I was notorious for them growing up. Well, hopefully he'll bounce back quickly. Of course they had to put him on weird crazy other antibiotic. We found out last night he's allergic to amoxicillin, so they are avoiding any penicillin type medicines. The pharmacist asked me when I got there, "What is this treating?!" I told her an ear infection and she looked so surprised like the dr was crazy, and asked if they tried anything else, when It old her he was allergic to amoxicillin she was like "ahhhh" makes sense after that. lol... One of these meds is a 10 day one, and the other is to take for 30 days! Crazy! Either that or his ear infection is that bad. I dunno. Whatever! Anyways, I made an essay outta nothing... lol I hope my lil' guy gets back to normal soon!! of course I'm sure he doesn't mind... he gets a little extra spoiled-ness when he's sick. Tonight after his bath instead of going straight to bed he got to sit with me on the couch and watch an episode of Backyardigans, then play with his toy bus for a bit. Spoiled. ;)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Elijah's new thing...
"HI" -- all throughout the day. :) We say "Hi" and he says "hi-ee" "hi-ee" It's just so gosh darn precious. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

17 months old

My lil' TODDLER is 17 months old today. He's so not a baby anymore!! It's a little sad! Exciting, but sad. I can't believe he is nearly a year and a half! Oh my!

I think I'll be glad when he is 18 months though... I can actually take him to more "mommy/baby" stuff around town. Everything I see is either BABY BABY or toddler 18 months and up. Ugh! We need something to do... Elijah and Mommy are getting bored!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Piiiiine cones!

Elijah made his first craft project EVER! Super easy, though, hejust poured glitter on some pine cones. He had fun though! They came out soooo perdy :)

under construction!

Excuse the strangeness of the blog if you are reading this... I'm trying to make a new layout and having problems some difficulties!

Feel free to continue to look around... just put your hard hat on!

The Bumbo Seat... fun for the whole family!

Of course, Adam in the Bumbo...

and ELIJAH in the Bumbo...

Last but not least, DAVE in the Bumbo! :D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stories... Oh Christmas Tree

A trip down memory lane. :)

Everybody makes such a big deal about getting a REAL Christmas tree. This wasn't the case for me growing up.

After Mom and Dad divorced, it was too difficult for my mother and me to get a real Christmas tree. One year, during Christmas time, we go to K-Mart, maybe Wal-Mart, to buy our fake tree. This is a whole new concept to me. A fake tre? They make those? Being around 6 or 7 years old, a "fake tree" is such a new concept! In fact, it is so new to me, I'm excited about this fake tree! I'm up for the challenge!

We get home, and together Mom and I tackle this tree. Bit by bit, we sort out the colors of each layer, spreading them across the entire living room, careful not to step on those little fake pine needles. I quickly discover they hurt just as much as real pine needles! Each tree branch has it's own system: left, right, down, up. Left, right, down, up. Left, right, down, up. Branch my branch, layer by layer, the tree slowly comes together. At this point, I'm so little I need a step sool to help form the top of the tree. Once it is all done, we finally get to decorate! Mom lets ME do this, ALL BY MYSELF! How exciting!

Every year, we pull out the same fake tree, spread out the layers in the living room, and together make individual branches into a tree. Left, right, down, up. Left right, down, up. Next layer! Left, right, down, up! I notice that every year, the stool doesn't need to be so high. This became my favorite thing abuout putting together our fake tree. I see how much closer I am to the top of the tree and think, "Wow, I've grown so much."

I never realize how much this tradition means to me until my parents remarried when I was 14, and go buy a REAL Christmas tree. How cnan they buy a real tree?! How will I see how much I have grown this year? What happened to Mom and me getting to put our tree together. What happened to left, right, down, up? It feels like the end of an era.

Naturally, time moves on, and I adjust more to the real tree, although it never feels quite the same as the fake tree. I never could have guessed how meaning a fake tree has.

The first year I lived in my own apartment at 20 years old, I go to Wal Mart to buy a fake tree. I I take it back to my studio apartment, sort it by color on my floor, and layer by layer: left, right, down, and up, until it is finally a tree again! This time, I can reach the top of the tree... all by myself! Once done, I step back and just absorb my beautifulFAKE, Christmas tree, soaking in the Christmas spirit!

Went to my first crop last night

Scrapbooking Boulevard has a crop every Friday night. After 9 months of living in this town I FINALLY went... woohoo go me. :) It was my first time ever going to any crop. I realized though, being a SAHM now, I haven't had much adult interaction in ages! I felt so awkward! When I got there, there was only one seat left, and I guess someone else usually sat there, but wasn't there right now... walking around looking for a chair when they were all taken reminded me of Forrest Gump on the bus (minus Jenny who says "you can sit here"!) Then when the person did come later, and they had to rearrange themselves, I just felt so out of place. I guess it didn't help that where I sat was with a group of ladies who have known each other for years, visit eachother's homes on a regular basis, attend all sorts of scrapping events together... etc... etc... It's hard sitting there being the newbie!! I tried to make small talk here and there when something came up that I could relate to, but nobody really talked back to me.

I know it doesn't help at all that I've been a SAHM since February, and now with a toddler and a newborn, my world revolves around diapers, crayons, toy cars, The Backyardigans, bottles, and temper tantrums... lol... makes for a difficult conversation starter when that's all I've done for so many months.

Nevertheless, it was still great to be able to sit away from the boys' and DH to work on some projects. I almost completed two layouts, I just need a few finishing touches to put on with my Cricut. I made a double page layout for Elijah's first time trick or treating, and AJ's 2 months old layout. Then I spruced up my "mini jotter" for Jessica Sprague's stories at hand class, and also started hole punching the prompts for the album in that class (since my album just came in the mail yesterday! woohoo!)

I sat there last night and thought, "Man, I wish I knew some other Creating Keepsake message board-ers here right now..." BUT, I'm not going to be discouraged by it! I'm going to try and go again next week, and keep going. I think with time I'll feel more comfortable (since I know half the problem last night was just ME not used to being around adults anymore) and start to get to know other people. I'll just try and sit somewhere next time that isn't with the people who have known each other for years...!

Anyways, that was my night! I'll post some piictures of my layouts later when I've finished it all up!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My turn... Stories in Hand photos :)

Just a couple photos so some of ya'll get the idea... my album should be here tomorrow. Then I'll post the good photos! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

How I met Patrick

How did you meet your significant other? Answer all the questions HONESTLY and re post as "How I met _____"

1.Where did you meet?
the Catholic Newman Center at SDSU, i was going to a bible study, he was running it

2.What was the first thought that went through your head when you met?
Seems like a nice guy!

3.Do you remember what he/she was wearing?

4.Where was the first time you kissed this person?
outside my apartment, on the downstairs part... that was a kiss on the forehead from him. the first REAL kiss was in a denny's parking lot :)

5.Where did you go for your first date?
D.Z. Akins (a restaurant in San Diego's college area)

6.How long did you know this person before you became a couple?
a few months

7.How did he/she ask you out?
We started dating and it just progressed from there

8.Has this person ever proposed to you?
yes! August 13, 2005 I think it was.. give or take a few days, somewhere around there

9.Do you and this person have kids together?
two boys! Elijah Anthony (16 months) and Adam James (2 months)

10.Have you ever broken the law with this person?
I dunno, if so, nothing major.

11.When was the first time you realized that you liked this person?
hmm... it progressed as time went on! So I guess a couple months into knowing him

12.Do you get along with his/her family?

13.Do you trust this person?
of course

14.Do you see her/him as your partner in your future?

15.What is the best gift she/he gave you?
love. aww. :)

16.What is one thing He/She does that gets on your nerves?
oh i dunno. he's a man... enough said :) i love him hehe

17.Where do you see each other 15 years from now?
uh, i dunno... together with our kids!

18.What causes the most arguments?
i dunno... stress in general

19.How long have you been together?
hmm... since earlier 2005

20.Are you Married?

21. Who Do you Tag?
uhhh well Brandie and Sarah already did it... soooo... Mandie and Loots!! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

"I want my country back!" -- Rick Roberts

Courtesy of 760AM, KFMB -- March 2006

By Rick Roberts - 760 KFMB AM

I don't mean to go off on a rant here, but here's the bottom line, I want my country back.

I want my kids to be able to walk to the store or walk to school without being abducted by some 3-time convicted child molester. And the politically correct powers that be in this country just can't seem to get over themselves with "CAN'T WE JUST HELP THIS PERSON!" No! You can't. But they're let loose to prey on more children.

I want my kids back. I want my country back.

I don't agree with everything this President does. I've never agreed with anything 100% that any President has done or said.

You know, I was very young during the Vietnam War. So I probably missed that thing by a hair. I don't know whether I would have agreed with that or not at the time. I was too stupid to have an opinion at that point and time even though I thought I did.

I want my country back.

I want some semblance of respect for authority, whether I agree with it all or not.

I want the Boy Scouts to be "boy" scouts, not boy and "we think she's a girl" scouts. I want Girl Scouts to be "girl" scouts not Girl Scouts and "Bruce."

I want my country back.

I want to be able to wake up in the morning knowing that I can walk outside without some gang-banger on parole taking my life.

Or being able to go down and purchase a car without having to worry about you know 90% of the parts being made overseas in some sweatshop.

I want my politicians, when they finally do get my vote, to do what the hell they said they were going to do in the first place.

I want the Abramoff's of the world to be labeled what they…nothing more than organized crime in a better suit.

I want the Hollywood elite to make movies to entertain me. Not use their celebrity to sway me politically one way or the other.

Quite honestly, if you're a has-been-pseudo-celebrity I want you to go away quietly, so that I can remember you fondly through your "artiste work" that's left in the archives.

I want people to say something and when they say something look at me in the eye. And mean what they say. Not say what they think I want to hear. And then do what they want to later politically or any other way.

I want to be able to go out and work and make a decent wage and buy a home. Half the people that are listening to me right now can't even afford to buy a house unless they're working three jobs.

And I want America to be America. All of those opportunities, all of those things that made her great, I want those returned to the forefront. If you want to come to this country we welcome you with open arms. We simply ask that you abide by our laws. I don't want you to snub your nose at our laws, then take advantage of our opportunities, and then cling to the constitution most of which you can't even read because you don't speak the language.

I want us to secure our borders because the country is worth securing. The people that live here are worth protecting.

I want my country back. I want my children back.

I want some semblance of what this country used to be.

It's worth protecting. It's worth defending.

I don't recognize this country anymore.

Not politically, not philosophically, not spiritually.

Whether you like it or whether you don't God was a part of building this great nation. To remove him is to take away the very foundation of what this country was all about.

I don't care about your political correctness!

I don't want to know your sexual preference!

I could care less about all of that. Stop making it the headline of the day!

That's not America.

I want my country back!

And the only way I'm ever going to be able to get this country back is if I reach out to the brothers and the sisters that all feel the same way and we say "Hell No! You can't have our country."

It's not for sale! Take the price tag off this country!

Take the price tag off the heads of our children!

Stop it already!

The politically-correct-psychobabble-hug-a-tree-experts ; You are not qualified to release sex offenders back into our neighborhoods.

The southern border, more than any other border, needs to be secured tomorrow. For all those that wish to come to this country to take advantage of her opportunity, to live under a constitution a living document that breathes in and out just like you do, this country is not for sale.

I should know. I'm one of the owners. You can't sell it without my permission.

I want my country back!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baby tag! - Adam James

1. Where were you when you first found out you when you found out you were pregnant?
in our bathroom apt
2. Who was with you? just me!
3. What was your first reaction? surprised!
4. What was your husband's reaction? shock!
5. Who was the first person you told? keith was in the bathroom pacing
6. Were the pregnancies planned? not prevented
7. Was everyone happy for you? Yes
8. What was the sex? boy
9. Did anyone throw a shower for you? no
10. Did you get any outfits you wouldn't use? there is some that AJ won't wear from Elijah, just cause of the seasons
11. How much weight did you gain? 35 lbs i think
12. Did you get stretch marks? no, just eli's leftovers
13. Did you crave anything crazy? no
14. Who or what got on your nerves the most? my hormones
15. Where were you when you went into labor? home
16. Did you have any complications? nope! he was just fast! a nurse delivery!!
17. Did your water break? not until i started to push
18. Who drove you to the hospital? patrick
19. Did you go early or late? 2 weeks early
20. Who was in the room? me patrick and a nurse, maybe 2 nurses
21. Did you video tape it? no thank you
22. Did you have any pain medication? just a shot of some crap that made me sleepy!
23. Did you have a c-section or natural? natural
24. What was your reaction to the birth? it was FAST!
25. How big was the baby? 7 lbs 2 oz, 18.5 in
26. Did your husband cry? i dunno... i was a little worn out for a few after that lol
27. When is the next one coming? how about now?! juuuuust yankin' ya...!!
28. If you could would you do it all over again? OF COURSE!

Baby tag! - Elijah Anthony

1. Where were you when you first found out you when you found out you were pregnant?
our apartment bathroom
2. Who was with you? just me!
3. What was your first reaction? soooooo excited!
4. What was your husband's reaction? soooooexcited!
5. Who was the first person you told? Patrick!
6. Were the pregnancies planned? Elijah was
7. Was everyone happy for you? I think so!
8. What was the sex? boy
9. Did anyone throw a shower for you? yes, my friend gave me one, and my coworkers gave me a super sweet surprise party
10. Did you get any outfits you wouldn't use? a couple
11. How much weight did you gain? 40lbs
12. Did you get stretch marks? yes. :/
13. Did you crave anything crazy? soy sauce...i HATED soy sauce before I was pregnant
14. Who or what got on your nerves the most? stupid people lol
15. Where were you when you went into labor? at home, i was supposed to be induced the next day but went into labor that night lol
16. Did you have any complications? during the pregnancy his afp test came back elevated, but he was fine... and delivery... he was just huge and "sunny side up", so he was hard to push out and needed the vacuum
17. Did your water break? no they did it for me
18. Who drove you to the hospital? patrick did
19. Did you go early or late? 1 week overdue
20. Who was in the room? patrick, my mom, and a crapload of doctors and nurses (darn stubborn baby lol)
21. Did you video tape it? no thank you!
22. Did you have any pain medication? yes
23. Did you have a c-section or natural? natural
24. What was your reaction to the birth? relieved, excited, surreal
25. How big was the baby? Eli was huge! 9 lbs 1 oz and 21.65 in
26. Did your husband cry? i think so... lol
27. When is the next one coming? AJ decided to come into my uterus 6 months later lol
28. If you could would you do it all over again? OF COURSE!