Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dance class!!

Recently Elijah has been talking about going to dance class and has really been getting into dancing. Today he went for the first time to a dance class - a Pre-Ballet/Tap class. I am so proud of him! For real, I was completely giddy over the whole thing.

I think because I danced for so long growing up (until I was 18), it gives me the warm fuzzies knowing this is something that, in a way, I'm passing on to him. I thought when I had boys I was done for in the dance department. Then again, I never fully put it out either. Patrick has always been supportive of the boys being active in anything they enjoy - dance included! I didn't want to get my hopes up on one of the boys turning an interest to dance, because I've never wanted to force them into it, but here Elijah is... wanting to do it! Yesterday he asked me if there were any boys. I honestly told him probably not in his class, but in other classes there are. Today, I reminded him again he'll probably be the only boy -- but I'm sure the girls are still nice and can be friends! A class of girls didn't even faze him.

I will say, he loved dance class. After , he was already asking me to get him some tap shoes. All evening he was talking about going to dance class again. He was disappointed when I said he had to wait until next week. He responds, "But I want to go tomorrow! With my tap shoes!" His kind dance teacher gave him an extra pair of black ballet slippers that actually fit him! He was focusing so well and really had great coordination.

Aside from dance being something I've always been passionate about, it makes it even more precious to see your children's personalities develop. I love seeing what starts to interest them and what their strengths are.

I couldn't get many great photos of him during class. The window had quite the glare on it coupled with a sheer curtain with stars... this made it very difficult to take pictures, but I managed to snag a few if you can just look past the curtain and glare, or when I snapped a couple photos between their shoe change.

Project 365 / Project Life - Jan 18

He has such a silly smile sometimes! He really was proud of himself here.


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