Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I love a bargain

My coworker told me she was getting a new watch today... and when she left work before I did, she picture texted me how they have the watch in purple (my favorite color). *squeal with delight* Plus, they were only $5! I went to this store for the first time and found such awesome deals. I couldn't decide between the two watches, and at $5 each? I'll take both! Super cute, right? On top of that, I found those two fun wallets. 2/$10. The purple one was usually $10, so *of course* I had to get the other. In fact, I liked the smaller one first -- come on, how can you not resist the throw back boom box/cassette player wallet? I'm using it as my new business card holder. Sweeeet! Plus, the purple leopard -- too cute. Then call me a sucker, when the sales associate asked me if I checked out their perfumes, I totally got suckered into one for $10. Smells awesome, yet subtle, and I haven't used perfume in forever. Hey, sometimes a girl just has to pamper herself a little with some sweet bargains!

Project 365 / Project Life - Jan 11

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