Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project 365 - January 1 (aka Project Life)

A few years ago I was reading on different scrapbook blogs about "Project 365" (or Project Life from Becky Higgins). I always thought, "I should do that. Maybe next year." A few years went by and I still never got around to it. Perhaps I was just overwhelmed with finishing my degree that I never got around to it. This year I was reading in Scrapbooks, Etc magazine about Project 365, once again. I turned around to my husband and said, "I'm going to do it this year! I always put it off, but this year, I'm doing it!" For Christmas I asked him for a new camera (which is absolutely adorable, by the way, it's a pink Canon Powershot ELPH 100HS -- awesome). I know photographers are very familiar with Project 365, and while I love photography, I really need to get my scrapbooking back in order! It has been way too long since I've made a page or even a card. I'm worried that before you know it, I'll forget those little memories I want to keep about our family life. You know, all those little things the kids do, small things you've done in your day to day life that we'll probably forget 10-20 years down the line. I don't want to forget those memories! Therefore, this year I'm jumping on board the Project 365 bandwagon in an effort to (1) take more photos, (2), blog about those photos to preserve the memories, and (3) scrapbook!!!

You know the funny part about my first photo I took? I have my wonderful new Canon, and I pulled this photo from my camera phone. LOL!

I decided in celebration of bringing in the new year, I need a new purse for the new year. Now, how absolutely adorable is this? The funny thing was I went to Kohl's before work thinking I might find one purse I may like -- I'm picky with my purses. It has to be perfect, you know. Well, I found not just one purse, I found three purses I loved. This picture was inspired from my indecisiveness as I was texting my good friend Brandie to help me make a decision. Of course, she wasn't much help and told me how much she loved them all (thanks Brandie... haha!). I had to go back on my lunch break to decide, and this was the one I finally decided on! It's spacious -- perfect for a mama -- and the best part, it comfortably fits my wonderful Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet (my other baby). It is gorgeous, right?! Don't be jealous, you know you are going to run out and buy yourself a new purse now. ;)

Happy New Year!

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Brandie said...

Um, You're welcome! haha

Im glad you chose that purse though, its way cute!