Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am officially DONE with school! Last week I finished my last final and turned in that last paper, and now I am a college graduate! It is surreal to sit here with nothing school related on my mind. It's like, my whole life I feel like everything revolved around school and it was never going to end. In particular, the last 2.5 years working towards my bachelor's degree in English felt like they dragged on and on. Here I am though, all done!

I spent the last days of my studying and writing in Starbucks. What is it about Starbucks that seems to attract us all to do our work and studying there? Coffee? Company, yet solitude? Maybe it is the comfort of a place where you can look around, see other students with their noses buried in books or behind laptops and think, "I'm not alone!" I will admit, my cockiness got the better of me when I looked at everyone else and though, "SUCKERS! I'm done after this and you all probably have another 2-3 years to go! HAH!" (Are you seeing Vizzini from the Princess Bride going, "haha you fools!! HAHAHAHAA!" -- Yes, that's exactly what was playing through my mind).

I love my new freedom! Although it is still tripping me out to not have school in the back of my mind. I feel like I keep forgetting something. What I am excited about though, is finally more time to read books I want to read (albeit, a lot are still classic literature), and write what I want to write on my blog. It's amazing to think I actually have time to write now without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else for school.

And what perfect timing -- just in time to celebrate the holidays stress free!

Insert Mel Gibson voice...