Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mama & Daddy's night out!

Patrick & I got to go out last night!  Woohoo!  We went out with my old friend's Daniel & Matt.  It was Daniel's sister's birthday, so all of us went to Dave & Busters for some food, drinks, and games!  Nothing like playing arcade games and air hockey while drinking some mudslides!

We left around 3:30 or 4:00.  Dave and Busters is about a 45 min to an hour away from us.  So we ended up there around 5:00 and stayed until 8:30.  By that point I knew my parents would have Elijah going to bed so we were in no rush to get home!  Daniel invited us to go back to his place to hang out for a while.  So the whole gang of us went back there, had some more drinks and just some good fun!  Patrick and I didn't get home until close to 1AM!

Even though we are both SO tired today, it felt so good to get out and be adults again without our babies attached to us!  I love my boys... but this night out was LOOONG overdue!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

one arm

So I have a lot on my mind and would just love to vent it out... but I have AJ in one arm.  I can't vent with one arm!  I guess it will have to wait...

I just put Shrek on for Elijah.. and me... LOL... he's laughing at it.  So cute :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Hot Mama!

Last night my SIL called up Patrick and asked if we wanted to go out with her and her boyfriend.  Roman (her boyfriend), his daughter was going to watch my niece and my in laws said they would watch the babies.  A little after 8:00 I got Elijah down to bed, so then at least MIL didn't have to worry about it and we met up over at Kristin & Roman's apartment close to 9.

They suggested a Mexican restaurant in Chula Vista (about 15-20 minutes away) that had food and dancing with a live band.  It wasn't a club, so no cover charge.  There was a club right next door, but none of us were interested in that.

I felt a little shlumpy looking though... I didn't have anything with me that was "cute" to wear!  I wasn't planning on going out!  But I had my dark denim jeans, a simple purple top, and my cute Rocket Dog shoes.  We all ordered some drinks... oh how good it was to drink again!  I asked for a strawberry daiquiri and they didn't have it!  How do you  not have strawberry daiquiris?  All well but they did have strawberry margaritas and I think, in the end, I enjoyed that more!  I do LOVE my tequila!!  Kristin and Roman ordered carne asada that was delicious!!  Too bad Pat & I ate before we left!!  But we did get a yummy quesadilla just for a little something to eat.

Kristin & Roman decided to kick things off!  They were the first out on the dance floor, and of course THEN people started to follow... but they still put everyone else to shame!!  It was a lot of fun to watch them.  You know when you look at a couple and think, "Wow, they are made for each other!" -- that's what I think with Kristin and Roman.  Kristin looks SO happy with him, and Roman with her.  It was the first times all four of us got to go out together with NO kids!  Definitely gave a new perspective to watch their interaction as a COUPLE, not people with kids.  That was fun to see. :)

Then some drunken older Mexican guy came up to me and asked me to dance! All I could think was what Sarah said yesterday, "Woohoo, Mama's still got it!"  I felt like I still got it too!!  Patrick was like, "Go for it!"  Haha, so I went out and gave him half a dance.  Now, I can do ballet... tap... jazz... but I've never done any sort of Mexican-style dance at all!  Of course we were like the only people up there.  Oh the way it must have looked!  Silly white girl dancing with an old drunk guy -- who was too drunk to really dance!  But I think I still looked good.  I do have SOME dance skill... at least I can keep to the beat.

Of course then the guy wouldn't leave us alone.  He kept talking to Roman (since Roman speaks spanish), and rambling in some drunkenness... finally Roman basically told him to go away. LOL!  Around 11:30 we decided to take off though.  Kristin has her daughter (who's 5), Roman has 3 kids (14, 8, and 3... only the 14 year old and 8 year old live with Kristin and Roman), and Pat & I have our two babies!  So, we decided to take off earlier!  Plus the drunken dorks from the club start spilling over in the restaurant and don't make it as fun anymore.

It was a great time though!  We decided we all definitely have to do that again next time we are down.  Next time I'll bring a cute outfit to wear... then I can really be one hot mama! ;)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a fuss-meister

Boy was AJ fussy again this afternoon. I dread giving him a bottle now! SO many times after a bottle, or during, he just cries and cries and cries! My poor baby!

Elijah is having a grand ol' time. He was in the back yard playing with grandpa for a while. He cruised and explored. The new thing is playing in that big plastic house. Heck, I don't know what they are called... they are those toddler houses that they can walk in and has the little kitchen, yada yada. It seemed the best part was chucking toy dishes out the window. What a boy! He napped GREAT this afternoon! Went down around 1130ish and slept until nearly 130. That's awesome for him. Although at one point, MIL was watching AJ, and he fell asleep. She lays him down in the bassinet in the room, then takes a while in there... I see Eli starting to stir (eeeeek!). I would have rather AJ just been laid down in his car seat or on the couch. Well, Eli seems to doze back to sleep, but 5 minutes later AJ is up, and so is Eli! Luckily I was still close and Eli falls right back to sleep when I stayed with him, then I brought AJ downstairs with me.

Now, on another topic... I have five bajillion pop ups on this stupid laptop. I don't know what the hell is up with that. SO ANNOYING! And my sound doesn't work. Pth.

Overall my day has been pretty uneventful. Patrick went to go meet up with his buddy Nick... I think both of them will probably come back here in a bit. But he's been gone for a while now, so I've just been hanging around playing on the laptop. Of course WTE is slow today too. bummer! And some of my usuals weren't on. Apparently Sarah went to a consignment sale and "Lake Fest" (and had a fun time -- so jealous here!), and Brandie is off SHOPPING all day today!! LUCKY DUCKS!! I don't know where the rest are. Oh yeah Mandie just had Tatem, so of course she isn't around... everyone else, I don't know! Where are you people!! Keep me company!! LOL!

Alright, I guess I'm just gonna internet surf now!

Back in San Diego now

We are back down in San Diego for the weekend! It is Al (father-in-law's) birthday on the 23rd, so my brother in law is planning some little shindig for him on Sunday. We came down yesterday afternoon.

Update on yesterday... well that night AJ woke up around 3 something and was up until 5 something. Yippeeee. At least yesterday morning Patrick watched Elijah for aw hile in the morning, so I slept until 9:30. Amazing how an extra hour or two of sleep can make a world of difference!

Both the boys did well on the car ride. We stopped once at a gas station and while there I gave Adam a bottle, and he was out for the rest of the ride. Elijah snacked on some Gerber Puffs and he was fine!

I'm still unsure about Adam's spitting up. Last night we gave him a bottle, then not too long after he didn't just spit up, he full on baby vomitted all over his blanket and me. Yuck! He was fussing and whining and crying before that and then for a few after, and finally fell asleep. Then he woke again in the middle of the night... 3 something, and was up and whining and crying for a while. I tried to burp him and he kept throwing his head back and stretching his body out. Poor baby. Of course there's spit up in between all this too. I have to have so many extra clothes around because of his spit up! Definitely going to bring it up with his pedi on Tuesday.

That's all for now!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a night.

Elijah wakes up at 9-ish, he does not fall back to sleep until a little after 10.  Can I leave the room, though?  Of course not.  He panics every time I leave.  I don't know what's up with that.  I was so tired, all I wanted to do was go lay in my bed and watch TV!

Once he finally falls asleep, I make one more post or two on WTE, get myself ready for bed, then AJ starts to stir in his swing.  No big deal, I think, I was going to be placing him in his pack & play bassinet anyways.  I'll just give him a bottle and back to sleep for all of us.  Does that happen?  No.  He stays awake until 2:30AM!  Seriously, I think the boy has his days and nights mixed up.  Either that or maybe he does have reflux.  Many times when he takes a bottle, if he doesn't spit up or completely vomit, he makes a very "gurgly" burp, then cries and cries and cries some more.  He stretches himself out and arches his head back like he's so bothered by it!  Elijah never did that, sometimes he would get gassy... and he would do the opposite!  He would curl his legs up to his tummy -- classic gassy baby symptom (and Mylicon worked wonders for him!)  With AJ now... no clue what the deal is!

I finally get him down at 2:30, and I am BEAT.  He wakes for a bottle again around 5, takes his sweet time drinking it, then goes back to sleep.  About 10 minutes after I get AJ down, Elijah suddenly wakes up crying and crying, then comes out of his room looking for me and Patrick.  GEEZ!  I take Elijah back to his room and he has no problem laying back down in his bed... providing I stay next to him.  Oh boy.  I stay in there with him for about 15-20 minutes.  Finally, I think to myself "forget this, you are coming in the bed with us!"  I don't want it to be a habit for him, but at this point, I am SO tired I will cross that path when I get there... anything to help me get some extra sleep right now.

Naturally, Elijah fell asleep early last night... and what does that mean?  Yep, he was up at 7:30 this morning with NO going back to sleep.  Ugh.

Of course Patrick can sleep through all of this... lucky.  I'm so jealous.  I was never this tired with Elijah... probably because it was JUST Elijah and I could sleep with him a little later and not have to get up at 8AM.  Plus, Elijah was a half way decent sleeper... he'd wake for a bottle then straight back to sleep.

I miss sleep.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now what?!

We were eating dinner tonight... I made a pot roast in the crock pot with some rice and rolls.  I gave Elijah some rice for dinner and grapes... the roast is still too tough for him to chew.  He finished eating, was hanging out in his high chair, then all the sudden he got those heeeeavy eyes... and before we knew it he fell asleep in his high chair!  That was around 7ish.  Now I keep wondering if he is staying asleep for the night, or if he will wake up.  Right now it is 830, his usual bed time.  I guess he is probably down for the night.  It's strange with him being to bed so early!

I dread what time he may wake tomorrow morning... probably 6 am!  Good Lord I hope not!

story of... storywriter!

I've always loved to write, but I haven't written much of anything in ages... not even straight prose writing.

I started writing when I was 10 (in 5th grade).  I had this project in my class to write a one page story.  Well, I loved it so much and got so carried away, I wrote pages upon pages.  It turned out to be a little "5 chapter" book... each "chapter" was about 2-3 pages (on regular 8.5x11 lined paper).  It was about a cat named Bluebell who was going to travel the world.  I made her get across the US and said it was "to be continued"-- only because I had to turn the project in.  My mom was super impressed.  Of course she was, she's my mom... so I thought nothing of it, I just had fun.  Once I turned it in, my teacher was so excited from it she entered it into the school contest called "Reflections."  It had 3 awards, one for art, writing, and something else I can't remember now.  I won FIRST PLACE for the entire school in writing.  Sure, it was only in 5th grade... but I was still VERY excited and thought, "Maybe I have a knack for this writing thing?"

I continued writing little kids stories here and there... any time I got a writing project in school I went above and beyond, primarily with any creative writing projects.  Even in college I went way beyond the expected writing projects.  I had this GREAT professor in college, "Mr Ed" he had us call him (I think his las name was Williams?), and he encouraged me so much with my writing.  We had a huge journal project for the entire semester.  He really pushed me with my creativity and always gave me advice.

I've slacked off though.  Real life started to set in.  I transfered from my community college to the university... I had such a difficulty finding time to write for fun.  Now I feel so rusty.  My grammar is for crap, my creative mind is slipping.  I just need a little kick in the butt to get it going again.  (Maybe this new blog would help?!)

I would love to take a writing class at the community college here sometime, just for fun.  It's not that I don't have the time right now.  I have Patrick who could watch the boys, and my parents live next door, they could watch them too.  My problem is I still need to finish my bachelor's degree.  I know I need to focus on finishing that before I take classes just for fun.  Well, hopefully soon I can go back to finish my BA in Child Development, and then after that take some fun classes in writing.

What can I say, I think sometimes I just wanna do it all!

My list of things I want to do in the near future...
- take a dance class again to get back in shape after having AJ (the parks & rec for the city is offering a tap class next month)
- take a little one time scrapbooking class the city is offering for $20 bucks throughout the fall
- go to the Friday Night Crops at my local scrapbooking store
- finish my BA degree
- take some classes in writing
- find Elijah a local winter parent-child swim class... or some other "mommy & me" class

Okay, that is all the musings I have for now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I feel so hip

Woo!  I have officially created a blog.  Go me :)

I'll update more later.