Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blind Date

I spent the last two years working towards my degree in English. I started at National University in January 2010. It felt like forever until my completion date would come. Here I am, two years later, and a college grad. (Whoohoo!)

Besides the support of my family, of course, I would have never made it through without my girlfriend. One day I got a friendly email from a classmate and over time we got to chatting through our emails, then we started texting, then one day we started talking on the phone. Before we realized it, we became incredibly close and started sharing everything together. We went through all our ups and downs of life, our trials and tribulations of school together, encouraged each other when we had those moments of, "I can't do this anymore!", and celebrated our victories of good grades. The funny thing about all this, though? We never met! National University is an online school. We lived two hours away from each other and never had the chance to meet up. Our schedules never worked out so we could see each other face to face. Not even a picture. Meeting up felt like a blind date. Apparently both of us were nervous what to wear, what the other one looks like, and --God forbid-- will it be awkward?!

We fretted over nothing. It was wonderful!! It felt like we were meant to be there the whole time. Destiny, I tell you, destiny!

Now that we are both done, we agreed, it is time to finally meet. We laughed how we consider each other one of our closest friends, yet don't even know what the other looks like! I'm so happy to say that on Friday we finally met each other!

We had a wonderful lunch together as we toasted our accomplishment over a glass of champagne!

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