Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Upper GI

I took Adam to his Upper GI appointment today. I know nothing of the results though! They said they'll send it to the doctor. We have a follow up for him on Tuesday... I guess we'll see then.

I couldn't see anything that looked strange to me, but I'm no doctor! It looked like everything went down to the belly, but who knows! I guess we'll find out on Tuesday what happened with it.

It was pretty trippy to watch on the screen though... I enjoyed it... nerdy, I know :) It was fun to watch his whole inside system work.

Last night we gave him his first dose of rantidine and put him back on Enfamil AR. The medicine seemed like it reduced his crying bout... maybe it is wishful thinking. I hope between the low dose medicine and AR formula it is just enough to take the edge off him. If it ISN'T any sort of reflux, it looks like it might have to do with a milk protein allergy. I guess we will wait and see what they say next week.

At least my lil' man is a trooper and hung in there with it. :)

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