Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mommy & Elijah's afternoon together!

After Elijah woke up from his nap this afternoon, him and I went to the mall. Patrick stayed behind with Adam, so Elijah and I had a mommy and baby afternoon! I was looking for pants and/or boots for him, and some warmer clothes for Adam. I looked at Elijah's 0-3 month clothes, he had NOTHING cool weather-ish there... I guess that's what happens when he was born in mid June!!

Well we hunted and hunted for some pants for Elijah, but nothing satisfied me! I want pants with adjustable waistbands but I guess they are hard to come by! Mervyns had some, but their sale wasn't that good, so I'll wait! Then I found cute boy tan work boots for Eli at Payless.

After that we went to Dairy Queen and "split" a pumpkin pie blizzard. He only got a few bites! Then we went to the children's play area. He was very observant, and then decided to join in. It was a little frustrating with some of the other kids.. some were waaaay too old to be playing there and way too rough in there. Luckily Elijah didn't get hurt. It was just annoying to see this older-older elementary age kid in an area obviously meant for toddler/preschool/much younger elemetnary THese kids were running around (which was fun), but then they were hitting on eahother and knocking eacho ther down, bumping into people and kids without care! Oh well! Next time I take him, I think it will be earlier in the day when it isn't "school's out" time. Nevertheless, he still enjoyed checking everything out!!

On our way out he helped me push the stroller... one of his hobbies! Then we saw a water fountain with a ton of coins in it. He LOOOOOVES water, and got so stoked to see it. HE kept trying to climb into the fountain. (no Elijah, you can't swim in the mall water fountain! I know you love to swim, but you can't do it here!) To take his mind off of it, I pulled out some pennies. I showed him how to throw it in with just onepenny, and right away he started throwing the rest of them in! So cute :)

We went to Babies R Us next, bought 2 cooler weather outfits for AJ, and I got some long sleeve onesies for AJ on clearance. Elijah and I came home, he ran outside and played in the dirt for a while. He came inside and I made him a PB&J sandwich for dinner with some peaches, followed by some CHeez Its just to top it off.. lol He took his bath, ran around naked for a few minutes... gothis bedtime story... then it was ZZZZZ time for him!

It was fun hanging out with my lil' guy just the two of us this afternoon!

Now I'm going to get AJ to sleep and it will be ZZZZZ time for MEE!! I hope he decides to fall asleep soon!!!

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Momma E said...

That sounds so fun! :)

I'll keep an eye out for some good sales for ya!!! ;)