Friday, October 10, 2008

Another fun afternoon

This afternoon I took Elijah and Adam to the mall with me again.  it's chilly outside, Patrick had to go down to San Diego today, so I didn't feel like walking around 2.5 acres watching Elijah play while holding Adam when it is 60some degrees outside!  So we went to the mall instead!

I went to Mervyns (it's like a Kohls or Bealls, only here in California).  I found Elijah 2 pairs of shorts for $2.38!!  I got them in 24 month size and 2T.  I have no clue what the difference between 24 month and 2T is... but that's what they had, and they looked the same to me!  I also found him cute brown plaid pants for $8.99, and AJ two pairs of baby sweat pants for $6.  I don't know if the pants I got for Elijah will fit him now or not... so I'll have to make him try it on!  He's so bitty he's JUST BARELY moving up into 18 month size, and they are all long on him!  Well, if they are just TOO big, I'll exchange them for 12 months.  Sure, he'll grow into 18 months... but he needs pants now!

Oh, and both Mervyns AND JC Penny had adorable overalls on sale for 10 bucks, but neither had them in 18 month!  Gosh darn!  Ohhhh well.

So after Mama hit up the sale at Mervyns, the three of us went to the food court.  I got a pizza, Elijah took a few bites, but was more interested in his pb&j sandwich I brought, followed by his banana.  Then I went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory and got us a sugar cookie and just a little bit of fudge.  Okay, really I ate almost all of it, but Elijah enjoyed his couple bites he got!

We went back to the big water fountain.  I had five or six pennies.  I stood by some chairs they had close to the fountain, and Elijah ran back and forth for pennies to throw into the fountain.  Of course everyone "aww"ed at him as they walked by.  Well who wouldn't?!?! :)  He's such a cute little munchkie, it's so fun to watch him throw the pennies in the fountain!

Then we walked around the mall for a little bit.  Eli enjoyed his freedom from the stroller... and now we're home! :)


Sarah said...

aww! i love days like that! i wish we lived closer so we could go with you!!

Momma E said...

Sounds like a fun day!

I THINK the only difference between 24 mo and 2t is that 2t is a bit longer. But with shorts I'm not sure how much that would matter since they make boys shorts so long anyway.

I'm having the same problem with sizes right now and what to buy. I have everything from 18mo to 4t and he can wear bits of stuff from each size! lol

Cheri said...

We have Mervyn's here it Utah. I've found some great deals there! Super cute, too!