Thursday, October 16, 2008

Consignment Baby Shopping

Why will I ever go to real stores again?!?!  At least I should check the consignment shop first!  I went to one yesterday to look for shoes for Elijah.  I wanted to get cute "handsome boy" shoes... dressy shoes!  But why will I pay $15+ for them when he's only wearing them for AJ's baptism?  MAYBE some Sundays to church?!  So I went to the local baby consignment shop!  I found these black dressy shoes for $3!!!  Tha'ts right three bucks!  Then I also found two dressy shirts he can wear for $5!  One is from Children's Place (the blue one), and the red one is from Baby Gap!  And just because I couldn't resist, I found a cute sweater vest that matches both the shirts for $4.

He's going to be so handsome on Sunday! :)

Oh and AJ is wearing Elijah's baptism onesie... he's going to be such an angel, just like his brother!

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Sarah said...

told ya! consignment places rock!!