Monday, October 6, 2008


First thing this morning... I call up the new recommended pediatrician from the primary doc.

Well, Adam was two weeks early. According to that doctor, he's "Preemie" and she doesn't see preemies. I said he's nearly 6 weeks old now, he wasn't a "preemie" at the hospital, geez he was over 7 lbs. No go, doctor said only see's babies who are term. okay...

Call up another doctor recommended by a friend. Answering service again, and again, and again, and again. I finally break down and leave a message. Didn't hear back for quite a while... eventually I hear back (while I was making phone calls in between). They aren't accepting new straight Medi-Cal patients. No go there.

I call the crazy-usual-pediatrician and say I want an appointment today, and ONLY with Dr. Valencia (the primary ped there) OR Neil, the nurse practitioner. Well Neil isn't in, an Dr. Valencia is already DOUBLE booked for the day. I say I might call back later, I'm going to call around first.

Another doctor I try... they don't accept straight Medi-Cal either. Fine. (here I'm thinking gosh darnet why is it not Nov. 1st yet?)

I try ANOTHER doctor... doctor isn't in today.

So here I start trying walk in clinics and urgent care just to get him seen.

A few don't accept Medi-Cal, another doesn't see babies that young. I could try, but with a problem of reflux, she probably won't do anything I'm told by the nurse. I called I believe 4 different walk ins/urgent care... no luck.

I call the Medi-Cal office - a recommendation from one of the nurses -- to find out which urgent care I could take him to. I call, she says she doesn't know, they don't have recommendations. Check the yellow pages. geez...

Finally, I call up the stupid doctor's office I don't want to go back to, ask if there are any cancelations, because I still refuse to see anyone but Dr. Valencia if I am going to go there. He's passing the message on to the same day appointment person who is supposedly going to call me back. We'll see.

I'm exhausted. I think there may have been a doctor or urgent care phone call I left out in this message... after talking to so many with no luck I have no idea what to do.

Maybe I'll luck out and Dr. Valencia will see him today. Whoever sees him I think will get to see stressed-out-mommy who will probably break down right in front of them. I was teary eyed on the phone with three of the people I talked on the phone with. I'm not sure how I composed myself enough to talk with the receptionist at Dr. Valencia's office... I told him what the other crazy ped said to me and I could tell he was dumbfounded too. At least then that's when he said he'd have them try to look for a cancellation.

A little bit later, I get a phone call that Dr. Valencia can see him on Wednesday. I said, "Well, what about Neil the nurse practitioner? Does he have anything available tomorrow or Wednesday? If I'm waiting that long I'd rather see him." She seemed a little taken back by my up-front-ness... but at this point, I don't care WHAT they think!! I'll tell YOU who I want MY CHILD to see... not the opposite! And whaddyaknow... there is an appointment with Neil tomorrow at 1:45. FINALLY...

Well... that's my morning...

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Brandie said...

UGH! FINALLY! Im so glad they got him in Tomarrow...I would have told them "If there are any cancellations today, i would appreciate a call" lol
You go Momma..I read your post to E on WTE..and I agree with every word...You tell them whose boss!