Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AJ is baptized now!

AJ was baptized on Sunday. It was beautiful and we had a lot of fun.

Both the boys did great. When Fr Anthony made the cross on Adam's forehead at the beginning of the baptism, Adam smiled! It was soooo cute. Then Adam slept the rest of the baptism. Elijah Anthony did fantastic too. Only cried once when he bumped his head on the pew... poor guy! Other than that he wandered around, played on the altar, etc. :) He watched Fr Anthony getting ready, and it was just so precious... he looked so interested in him! Must be a name thing. ;)

We had the BBQ after... Elijah ran around and played, Adam sl
ept half the time, and only cried a short while from his reflux. Nothing too bad! Later that evening my Father in Law and I got suckered into watching The Ring on TNT. I wasn't impressed.
eryone said it was so scary... but I really just didn't get it. Some girl thrown down a well comes out of the screen and kills you... huh? Maybe it was edited too much on TNT so it w
asn't scary. Who knows! Either way, I was disappointed in the movie! We also watched the tail end of Final Destination 3. That was pretty dumb too. I guess I must not find horror movies that interesting.

I want to stop by Michaels, JoAnns, or Scrapbooking Boulevard today. I signed up for Jessica Sprague's free online class about telling stories just now. I've never done one of these online scrapbooking classes... so I'm pretty excited to see what it's about! Everyone says good things about it, so I figure taking a free class is a good way to find out what I think!

Oh, and every night I swear I'm going to make a new layout, or transform one of my layouts I made on into a real layout... but I don't. Adam cries and fusses from his reflux that I don't have a chance to do anything. Hopefully soon I can get some things done. I'm so eager to make some pages!

Speaking of Adam's reflux... no improvement there. He's been on his two medicine's since last Tuesday, and it seems we haven't seen any improvement. Poor guy. I've been going back and forth about whether to call now or not. He has an appointment on Tuesday... maybe we can it out. It's just so tough to see my lil' guy so miserable!!

Well, that's about it for now. I have to go run some errands today... get the oil changed in the car, fill up the diesel truck... etc... etc... I better get on it!

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