Thursday, October 23, 2008

sleep? no. never.

Adam has been up since a little before 6 now. It's 7:11. Awesome. He woke up, took a bottle, then was getting fussy. I don't know what to do. Right now he didn't seem content with me holding him, so I put him in his bouncer (where he sleeps now). Maybe he'll just fall asleep. I'm sitting in a dark room with the only light being the laptop. You'd THINK that would trigger him to sleep... but no...

Honestly, I don't think this boy knows what sleep is.

Stupid reflux...

And in about 45 minutes Elijah will be waking up. yay.


Brandie said...

Im sorry girl :(

If it makes you feel any better...i was up at Midnight...2am AND 5am with Aiden...then he finally went to sleep and Cart let me sleep in until 10am.


Momma E said...

ack! poor momma's. i hope aj gets some sleep soon so you can too.

and i hope mr aidens teeth come in quick! :)