Saturday, October 18, 2008

16 months old today

Mr Elijah Anthony is 16 months old today. That's only two months away from 1.5... and then only another 6 months until he is TWO!!!

If we still lived in San Diego, he could start at the preschool I worked at at two years old! Potty trained or not! I can't believe he's going to be that old in a matter of 8 months...

He's such a big boy now. He just got his top two sharp teeth (canines, right?). Only 6 more teeth to go. He eats nearly everything we stick in front of him, and wants to try almost everything. He walks he runs, he walks backwards, jumps on the bed, "talks" on the phone, poses for the camera... And just yesterday learned how to take a picture AND look at the screen to see what happened. Before that he knew how to press the button, but that was the extent of it.

He's starting to talk now, says his brother's name, gives AJ bottles and pacis, he knows how to ride his little power wheels quad, he climbs stairs, he's getting the concept of a puzzle, he colors, he throws tantrums... he does it all now! The only thing "baby" left in him is we still give him a bottle before bed, sometimes a nap, and he still uses his pacifier. And you know what, I'm okay that he still does that! He'll outgrow it eventually... but it's the only thing left he does that is anything baby-ish!

Basically, mommy here is just having a minor breakdown that her little baby boy is growing up... and I'm not ready for it! The last 16 months went WAAAAY too fast. It makes me a little sad to think about how quickly he is growing up, and it'll just keep going and going! Nothing I can do to stop it. Sniffle.

Where'd my baby boy go?!

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