Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moderate-severe reflux


I took AJ in for his check up today, and to find out what the results of the Upper GI were. He has moderate to severe reflux. TAKE THAT DUMB ASS DOCTOR TELLING ME TO "SUCK IT UP!"!!!!! Sorry, just had to get that out... lol She said looking at his upper gi, it's no wonder he's so uncomfortable.

Anyways, she prescribed another medicine (raglan I think?) for him to take 4 times a day with the Zantac. If that doesn't help within the next two weeks, she said he needs to see a specialist. She hopes this will work though. Poor guy. She also said to continue with small frequent feedings and just let him sleep as elevated as possible -- in his car seat, bouncer, swing, whatever (both my bouncer & swing have the ability to adjust to sit straight up, like a car seat)

My poor baby!!

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