Monday, October 6, 2008

Toddler & Baby update while I'm at it...

Hey while I'm at it, might as well give some baby boy updates from the weekend... and post new photos of my little guys here.

Well, poor AJ... his reflux is just as bad... if not worse. Every time he cries now, I want to call up the mean pediatrician and say, "LISTEN! Does this sound like a baby who can 'suck it up'??" Gr. I'm still so upset with that... Tomorrow morning first thing I'm calling the insurance company to find out how to get a second opinion since the boy's new pediatrician takes effect Nov 1. Either that or I will call his old pediatrician's office, demand to see ONLY Dr. Valencia or the nurse practitioner (two people I've liked there)... and of course tell them how I was treated on Friday. I'm sorry, I still think there is no reason to tell a parent who is concerned for her child that "babies are hard, suck it up."

Moving on from that... I had a huge "proud mommy" moment. Elijah said "AJ!" It was just soooo cute!! This was Thursday night... my in laws had stopped by on their way up to Paradise, CA. We were eating dinner together... Elijah in his high chair, AJ next to us in his bouncer. Elijah loves AJ to be in his swing... I guess it is his new thing. I think it's because Eli has a clearer view of AJ when he is in his swing. Now he looks for him there. Eli kept turning himself around in his high chair, looking at the swing and asked, "AJ? AJ? AJ? AJ?" He said it about 6 times and kept looking at me... "AJ?" yes, I get all teary eyed... trying not to look like a fool in front of everyone! We show him where AJ was -- in his bouncer, and Eli says "AJ." then continued to start saying "Doggy" right after that! He's finally REALLY starting to talk. Of course it still doesn't top his first word of "JESUS" -- that's right!! I think I have a holy little boy on me here...

Some proud Mommy moments with lil' AJ... well he started smiling a little over a week ago! So cute! He also continues to roll over! Can you believe that?! He started at TWO WEEKS OLD! I thought it was just a fluke. The next day, he did it again... and again and again and again and again! I think there has been a grand total of 7 or 8 times now... and he's not even 6 weeks old yet! He also makes all sorts of precious little baby noises now... like "ahhhh," and every time he sneezes it is followed by "*sneeze* ohh!"

Anyways, now for some new photos of my boys!!

Elijah Anthony...

"Reading" his favorite book

Gotta love the naked butt!

His first time fingerpainting

Playing with his John Deere tractor

Adam James...

The life of a newborn... sleep!

His first smiles!!


Brandie said...

Wow! Elijah is just growing right up on us! Its adorable that he says AJ!!

Oh, and your kids...they just arent cute at all! *sarcasm*
I think they should win some kind of award! They are simply adorable and look SO much alike!

Courtney and Brian said...

I am so happy that Elijah is adjusting to the baby. Elijah and AJ look so much alike. I hope you find a Doctor you like. Keep smiling.