Friday, August 12, 2011

Who's in the Now? I am! I am!

I'm so excited to announce... I am officially employed! HELLO SPRINT! You noticed earlier this week my ramblings about "I hate waiting!" -- wait no more! This evening my NEW MANAGER called me to inform me the job is mine, "You're hired!" The sweetest, grandest words my ears have heard in a long time. To top it off, the pay is more than I thought. Whoohoo! Plus commission, plus benefits. BENEFITS! BENEFITS, I TELL YOU!!!! No more state insurance after a few months!

Excuse my rambling. I'm just a wee bit excited. We've struggled for so long with such unexpected turns from that huge economy disaster in 2008. Despite all the problems, we learned a lot from it. That collapse we experienced truly changed our family outlook. We were forced into unemployment insurance, food stamps, and later welfare. I sat there with the people I always thought were "working the system," all to find out many aren't. They just fell flat on their ass like we did. Sure, there were the obvious few that learned to live off the dole. It is eye opening to see those who are really trying to get by, but are just going through a difficult time. I'll never forget what it is like sitting in those chairs of misery. The hardness of the chairs is like the hard times we were experiencing. Those sterile, bland rooms only makes one realize how incredibly lonely and sterile life feels at that moment. Worst of all, the cubicle you have to sit in with your Case Worker. They look down on you, proudly showing off their family on the wall and the symbols of all they have earned, or showing off how wonderful their life is, while yours was just dealt the worst hand. O! And the walls of those cubicles! I would sit there and feel the world collapsing on me. Those blue walls were going to crash down on me with the weight of the world at any minute. Tempted as I was, some how I held out on the strength to run out of those hallways screaming. The husband and I constantly reminded ourselves, this is only temporary... this is only temporary...

And here we are. We pushed, we fought, we held strong. While the rest of the world may have collapsed under the pressure, we held on through the rough waves.

I start on Tuesday, in case you are wondering! :)

I suppose that means I should drop the "stay home mom" part of my title to just "mom," right?! Of course I'll miss my little ones, but the prospect of the financial pressure finally lifting off our shoulders, the reliance on state insurance, all gone... it'll be well worth the sacrifice!

By the way, I love Friday and the weekends. There are always tons of Blog Hops going around! Greetings to everyone from the hops! I love "meeting" new people, so don't be shy to comment! Click around and put your blog on some lists too... it's fun!

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ropcorn said...

Congrats on your new job! Always exciting to start new things I think. And thanks for sharing all the lovely Blog Hops!

Have a lovely weekend! :p

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Congratulations! I can't even imagine what you and your family went though...But like you said you prevailed and look, you have a job! Must be the best feeling ever!

Patty said...

I appreciate your honesty in sharing what you and your family has endured these past few years. Strength and determination are key factors in getting through these difficult times. The dreams of so many people have either been put on hold or disappeared as our economy twists and turns while trying to get back to normal...whatever that is!

Many congratulations on your new job! Hopefully this is a sign of continued good things to come!