Monday, August 8, 2011

Food I Haven't Burned: Cajun Rub Ribs

Wait, yes I do! (Sorry PETA, I know you'll find me as a traitor. I used to have this bumper sticker on my car.)

I shared with some friends of mine about participating in a Grocery Challenge. I must say, it really transforms the way you cook and try to save money! I'm already a deal hunter (Yes, BEFORE the "Extreme" show came out on TLC... I ain't no biter!) Some girlfriends of mine expressed interest in my sharing some of my recipes and ways to save money in my recipes. Here goes my first shot!

Let me say, I (gasp) did not get these ribs on sale. Blasphemous, I know. However, they were relatively inexpensive still, approximately $5 for the rack. I'll admit, I was just really craving ribs, so I splurged.

Cajun Rub Ribs:
Cajun Spice, Creole Seasoning (entire container) ~ $1.72 at WinCo
1 part Lawry's Season Salt ~ a couple dollars for an economy size container
2 parts sugar ~ you should have this on hand!

Mix together. Rub into ribs. Cook on slow at 225 for about 4 hours (or, my other favorite, all day in the crock pot!)

Ribs. Mmm.

The spices. I also need to add, I've only found this Cajun Spice Creole Seasoning at WinCo. I imagine somebody else must sell it, but that's where I find mine. McCormick's and other brands make a Cajun spice as well, but there is just something about this brand that has that delicious bite.

Yeah baby. That's enough for my family, my parents, and leftovers for my Carnivore. I mean, husband.

Rub that delicious Creole-Season-Sugar mixture all over the ribs.

I have this fancy rib rack I found on clearance for 75% off at Target, once upon a time. I love it. But you can just throw them in a foil lined pan too.

Set at 225 for about 4 hours.

Go ahead. You can drool. Here's a towel to wipe up your keyboard.

And don't forget the sides!!
How you like that squash?! Straight from our garden baby!

All that, plus squash, and mashed potatoes, about $7.00 for a rack! (That works out to about $1.75 a person!) Sure can't find it that cheap at any fancy-shmancy restaurant, can you?

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