Wednesday, September 17, 2008

story of... storywriter!

I've always loved to write, but I haven't written much of anything in ages... not even straight prose writing.

I started writing when I was 10 (in 5th grade).  I had this project in my class to write a one page story.  Well, I loved it so much and got so carried away, I wrote pages upon pages.  It turned out to be a little "5 chapter" book... each "chapter" was about 2-3 pages (on regular 8.5x11 lined paper).  It was about a cat named Bluebell who was going to travel the world.  I made her get across the US and said it was "to be continued"-- only because I had to turn the project in.  My mom was super impressed.  Of course she was, she's my mom... so I thought nothing of it, I just had fun.  Once I turned it in, my teacher was so excited from it she entered it into the school contest called "Reflections."  It had 3 awards, one for art, writing, and something else I can't remember now.  I won FIRST PLACE for the entire school in writing.  Sure, it was only in 5th grade... but I was still VERY excited and thought, "Maybe I have a knack for this writing thing?"

I continued writing little kids stories here and there... any time I got a writing project in school I went above and beyond, primarily with any creative writing projects.  Even in college I went way beyond the expected writing projects.  I had this GREAT professor in college, "Mr Ed" he had us call him (I think his las name was Williams?), and he encouraged me so much with my writing.  We had a huge journal project for the entire semester.  He really pushed me with my creativity and always gave me advice.

I've slacked off though.  Real life started to set in.  I transfered from my community college to the university... I had such a difficulty finding time to write for fun.  Now I feel so rusty.  My grammar is for crap, my creative mind is slipping.  I just need a little kick in the butt to get it going again.  (Maybe this new blog would help?!)

I would love to take a writing class at the community college here sometime, just for fun.  It's not that I don't have the time right now.  I have Patrick who could watch the boys, and my parents live next door, they could watch them too.  My problem is I still need to finish my bachelor's degree.  I know I need to focus on finishing that before I take classes just for fun.  Well, hopefully soon I can go back to finish my BA in Child Development, and then after that take some fun classes in writing.

What can I say, I think sometimes I just wanna do it all!

My list of things I want to do in the near future...
- take a dance class again to get back in shape after having AJ (the parks & rec for the city is offering a tap class next month)
- take a little one time scrapbooking class the city is offering for $20 bucks throughout the fall
- go to the Friday Night Crops at my local scrapbooking store
- finish my BA degree
- take some classes in writing
- find Elijah a local winter parent-child swim class... or some other "mommy & me" class

Okay, that is all the musings I have for now.

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