Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Hot Mama!

Last night my SIL called up Patrick and asked if we wanted to go out with her and her boyfriend.  Roman (her boyfriend), his daughter was going to watch my niece and my in laws said they would watch the babies.  A little after 8:00 I got Elijah down to bed, so then at least MIL didn't have to worry about it and we met up over at Kristin & Roman's apartment close to 9.

They suggested a Mexican restaurant in Chula Vista (about 15-20 minutes away) that had food and dancing with a live band.  It wasn't a club, so no cover charge.  There was a club right next door, but none of us were interested in that.

I felt a little shlumpy looking though... I didn't have anything with me that was "cute" to wear!  I wasn't planning on going out!  But I had my dark denim jeans, a simple purple top, and my cute Rocket Dog shoes.  We all ordered some drinks... oh how good it was to drink again!  I asked for a strawberry daiquiri and they didn't have it!  How do you  not have strawberry daiquiris?  All well but they did have strawberry margaritas and I think, in the end, I enjoyed that more!  I do LOVE my tequila!!  Kristin and Roman ordered carne asada that was delicious!!  Too bad Pat & I ate before we left!!  But we did get a yummy quesadilla just for a little something to eat.

Kristin & Roman decided to kick things off!  They were the first out on the dance floor, and of course THEN people started to follow... but they still put everyone else to shame!!  It was a lot of fun to watch them.  You know when you look at a couple and think, "Wow, they are made for each other!" -- that's what I think with Kristin and Roman.  Kristin looks SO happy with him, and Roman with her.  It was the first times all four of us got to go out together with NO kids!  Definitely gave a new perspective to watch their interaction as a COUPLE, not people with kids.  That was fun to see. :)

Then some drunken older Mexican guy came up to me and asked me to dance! All I could think was what Sarah said yesterday, "Woohoo, Mama's still got it!"  I felt like I still got it too!!  Patrick was like, "Go for it!"  Haha, so I went out and gave him half a dance.  Now, I can do ballet... tap... jazz... but I've never done any sort of Mexican-style dance at all!  Of course we were like the only people up there.  Oh the way it must have looked!  Silly white girl dancing with an old drunk guy -- who was too drunk to really dance!  But I think I still looked good.  I do have SOME dance skill... at least I can keep to the beat.

Of course then the guy wouldn't leave us alone.  He kept talking to Roman (since Roman speaks spanish), and rambling in some drunkenness... finally Roman basically told him to go away. LOL!  Around 11:30 we decided to take off though.  Kristin has her daughter (who's 5), Roman has 3 kids (14, 8, and 3... only the 14 year old and 8 year old live with Kristin and Roman), and Pat & I have our two babies!  So, we decided to take off earlier!  Plus the drunken dorks from the club start spilling over in the restaurant and don't make it as fun anymore.

It was a great time though!  We decided we all definitely have to do that again next time we are down.  Next time I'll bring a cute outfit to wear... then I can really be one hot mama! ;)


Brandie said...

Im offically JEALOUS!
It sounds like you had a great time...Your such a MILF! LOL

Oh and I did find those boots..but they werent as cute in person..Boo :(

Sarah said...

haha! sounds like you guys had a blast!! IM JEALOUS! and like Brandie said, all I can say is MILF! ROCK IT MAMA!