Sunday, May 15, 2011


Nope, I'm not Charlie Sheen.

My parents have a big Kentucky Derby Party every year. This year was the 137th running! Now, if you know anything about the Derby runnings, the horses are scored "Win, Place, Show" (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). Let me tell you, in all the years our family has done the Derby Party (an annual tradition), I've never... NEVER! ... won any money. I'd bet on horses, and they'd NEVER WIN! Or, if I'd place a bet on a horse, I'd choose the wrong scoring (I'd say X Horse will Win, Y Horse will Place, Z Horse will Show)... and then, X horse will PLACE, Z Horse will WIN, and Y horse will SHOW. COME ON!

My family has ALL won money on horses. My dad, my mom, and my sister. Me? NEVER.

NOT THIS YEAR! I placed all "WIN" bets across a few different horses (okay, MANY different horses) and I'm proud to say I won! GO ME!!! I proceeded with my winnings to buy a new pair of pants at Kohls and two books at Barnes and Noble.

More Derby Pics.

Life wouldn't be complete if I didn't show off my handmade DERBY HAT. Derby hats are all the Derby tradition. Last year I made my hat as well, but this year I outdid myself. I had a little extra inspiration from the Royal Wedding. (NOT from Eugenie.)

I must admit, though, winning feels good. Maybe Charlie is on to something.

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