Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where's my baby?!

I have a question I think all parents can relate to... how did my little Elijah Anthony go from:


to this

It sounds so... typical. What happened to my baby? When did he turn from that little swaddled up baby burrito to this thoughtful, funny, smart little boy. I'm having a hard time believing that in just three weeks my lil baby boy will be turning four years old. FOUR! FOUR I TELL YOU, FOUR YEARS OLD!! It sounds so OLD. And THEN, after his birthday, AJ's birthday will be just around the corner in August, and he'll be three years old.

I did a little photo shoot with Elijah for his 4th Birthday "E-vite" (sorry kid, I didn't plan well and ran out of time for us do to custom invitations... you'll survive!) When I stepped back and uploaded the photos, I stared and said, "This can't be my kid!" This kid... is well, a kid, not a little baby, not a little toddler.

As for birthday theme. We went back and forth, back and forth. He went from Thomas (which he did last year), to tractors (which AJ had last year), then he toyed with "might machines" (aka, construction trucks, bulldozers, the like) and monster trucks. I finally took him to Target and we walked down the invitations and party aisle and he picked: balloons. Yup. Just simple party balloon theme. We found regular invitations with balloons on them, plates, table cloths, and even Evites with balloons. I can't tell you how thrilled I was off this! Simple balloons means it was a bit cheaper than some of the other mainstream character themes. That's my boy. Already learning how to be frugal just like his parents.

On another note... I was catching up on cutting out my coupons today (I feel behind, EEK! and any avid couponer knows there is nothing lousier than falling behind on cutting your coupons!)... and I stumbled across this:

Take a lookie. Just examine... it's like "What's wrong with this picture?"

I'll give you a hint. Since when are there 31 days in June?


Although it still doesn't quite match the worst spelling errors I've ever seen on the following picture:
This was on a crossbow my husband bought. Come now company... do you not have anyone to proof read?

Finally, I can proudly say I have been doing my Wii Fit almost every day this week. Yesterday I didn't, only because we went to a friend's house in the evening for dinner and stayed until close to 10 pm. But every time I've done at least 30 minutes! Tonight when I was going through my routine I noticed I really do feel stronger!

Finally, I have a couple more days left of my May off until I start another class. Yippee. Gag me. Thankfully I have June on, and then July off again. I'm NOT looking forward to this next class though. Something about research and some other nonsense that's a requirement for ALL students of National, not just English majors. Blech. Oh well, it is just takes me one step closer to my degree... I'm somewhere around 4 classes or so left! (giddy squeal!)

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