Monday, May 30, 2011

Comedy of Errors

Wonderful Pappy found the boys this used swing set a while back, and with the lousy weather all winter, we haven't had a chance to get it together. Elijah has been bugging and begging Pappy to get this swing set/playground together. Once we decided on a location, Pappy has promised "By your birthday it will be up."

Elijah is holding him to it. He reminds him every day.

Pappy leveled the land we are going to put the swing set next to the house. Today was the first steps towards putting this thing together. Ever try taking something apart and then saying, "I'll remember how to put it back together" ... then 6+ months pass... nope, nobody is going to remember it as well as when you first take it down. And boy, was this interesting! I wish I had photos of all four of us (Granny, Pappy, the hubby and me trying to work with this massive playground).

We tried putting the ladder up on one side, three of us holding it up while somebody tries to shove it under and line up the screw holes.

Then, they were bolted in... but oops, wrong side!

Okay, everyone lift and hold while now shove the rock climbing wall on this side instead.

Ahhh it ain't lining up right.

What if we flip it on its side? (That worked, by the way. Kind of.)

It was quite interesting, and after I had free arms, I couldn't resist a few photos showing how nothing seemed to be working right to be putting this playground back together.

Elijah and AJ, it's a good thing we all love you guys, or else this might have been turned into firewood instead.

Now that's what I call ingenuity, Pappy.

See that barstool? That was a prop to hold the swing up for a while, too.

That old back gate/gate door we had turned in handy. Thanks gate.

Somethin' ain't right. Again.

Puzzled stares.

The plastic chair held the playground platform for a while too (this was before the milk crates). I have a new respect for plastic chairs.

Whoohoo! You got the ladder up! Good job, Pappy.

One section down. Uhh... God-knows-how-many pieces to go.

I couldn't resist a few photos of two of our dogs.

Gotta love Bacon's ears. One up, one down.

Cookie lounging around. Both these dogs are the sweetest things!!

On another note... isn't it funny how two siblings can be so different? Elijah is such a picky eater. He's getting better, but still very picky. AJ on the other hand... he'll eat most anything you put in front of him. That's pretty unusual for a kid who had severe reflux from birth through 2 years old!

He ate that whole thing himself.

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