Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Setting goals

I must admit... I'm not a goal keeper. In fact, I'm pretty awful at it. I've tried to remember if I ever was good at keeping goals, or have I always been the type to lose track?

It feels like way back-in-the-day I was good at keeping my goals. I'd follow through with things; my mind was clearly focused; I said I was gonna do this, and I did. I could totally be imagining this. Albeit, I've always been a bit of a procrastinator. Maybe I've never been good at this whole goal keeping thing?

Then, throw kids into the mix, and it all goes down hill. I call it the Mom Brain. It starts in pregnancy when your hormones go out of whack, it interferes with your memory and brain cells, and in my humble opinion, I swear it kills the brain cells!! I thought after I had a baby my brain cells would return. They'd come out from hiding and return to their regularly scheduled programming.


Uhm, no.

Here I am, nearly four years later, that means four years of not a full night sleep (that's right, my youngest STILL does not sleep through the night), and all this sleep deprivation, the chaos of an almost-four-year-old and an almost-three-year-old little tornadoes that plow through the house every day leaves me completely absent minded.

I start something, a kid cries, they whine, they bicker, they need help with this-that-and-the-other, and I never finish what I started. Example: that nicely folded laundry sits in the basket and ends up NOT put away. It's incredibly frustrating. I don't want to be like an absent minded nutty professor... and yet, here I am!

As in famous "What About Bob" fashion, I'm constantly reminding myself...


I must remind myself I don't need to conquer it all at once, it takes time to regain your sanity after two children VERY close in age, and as crazy as this sounds... it has taken me four years to figure out how to roll with the punches that life gives. It's a constant learning process, at least for me!

On my list of things I never follow through on... FlyLady

I've improved by leaps and bounds with help from FlyLady. She too has a "baby step" method of things. In the almost three years I've followed this site, I've never totally made it through the 30 day baby steps. I'd start, stop, start again, stop... and it goes on.

Working out falls into this downfall category too. I have Wii Fit Plus. It's awesome. It's fun. I totally love it. Now WHY do I not stick with it? Who knows.

Now here's my plan... to help hold myself accountable for these other things (the Fly Lady baby steps and working out on the Wii), I'm going to share some of it here on my blog... (PROCRASTINATORS UNITE!)

I also hope I'm not being too ambitious.

Goal 1: Accomplish Fly Lady's Baby Steps

Baby Step 1 is to Shine Your Sink.

Now, my house isn't a wreck. Fly Lady has helped me from it getting totally out of control. However, to be honest, I want a home that looks like Better Homes & Garden! Really, it'll probably never happen with two young kids... but one can dream right? And along the way I need assistance reminding me of those little "hot spots," clutter zones, or forgotten cleaning areas to keep track of. Hellllo Fly Lady!



Look at that shine! (Are you hearing Billy Mayes in one of his Oxi Clean or Orange Glo commercials? I am!)

Goal 2: Work out every day with the Wii Fit

I'm not stressing about my weight. I did set a goal to lose about 5 lbs on the Wii Fit, but I'm not totally worried about it. My goal is I just want to FEEL FIT again. I was always a very active person. I also played softball from 6 years old until 15 years old, and I danced from 7 or 8 years old until I was nearly 18 years old. After that, I've been at a loss and always go in waves of working out. My goal here: tone up, shape up, and try to get rid of that baby kangaroo pouch too!

The Wii Fit told me I worked out for 53 minutes today AND yesterday! Go me!

Goal 1: CHECK!
Goal 2: CHECK!

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