Saturday, May 22, 2010


Alright, so I'm pretty excited about this... Laura & I went to a "Something for Nothing" class, and it was all about how to save money with coupons. Now my friend (shout out to Katie Nelson here!) taught me some of the ways of awesome-couponing-adventures last year, and also taught me to store my coupons in a binder (GENIUS!)... but now since Laura and I are on this adventure together, we've REALLY gotten all into it.

So I've gotten all the stuff in the photo for under $5 -- some of it was even free!

I thought I'd share some awesome scores I found this week with sales, clearance, coupons, etc:
Herbal Essences shampoo - FREE! (CVS)
Suave Professionals Shampoo - .30 cents (Target)
Sunsilk Conditioner: $1 (Wal Mart)
Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer -- I had 2 of these but gave one to my mama -- FREE! (Target)
L'Oreal hair color - $1 (Wal Mart)
Right Guard D.O. for the hubby -- .75 cents each (Walgreens)
Colgate Pro Clinical toothpaste -- .99 cents (CVS)
Bounty Basic paper towels -- yeah we already have tapped into them... in fact, I think we already used them and I grabbed another roll of Bounty... anyways -- FREE! (Target)

I also got salami & bologna at Ralphs for .50 cents! And some other totally smashing deals.

I started totaling how much money I saved this week -- all on things I usually buy (foods, dog food, cat food, diapers, wipes, etc) and I've already saved $113+ AND got a $10 gift card back from Babies R Us AND a total of $10 gift cards back from Target...

Oh, and I won a 10 minute calling card from some sort of Colgate sweepstakes promo. I don't know the last time I used a calling card, but hey, you never know!


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