Thursday, May 27, 2010

More sweet deals

Yes, I'm on a deal hunting rampage. LOVE IT!

Check this out:

There's more stuff I've gotten this week, but couldn't grab it and post it all... but here's some of the kick-butt deals I found.

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (I bought 2): .50 each (Albertsons sale, plus coupon)
Hunts ketchup & Heinz ketchup (okay, I got a little carried away... I bought 5 Heinz and 1 Hunts, I'm supplied for a year, LOL!): $1 each!!!!!! (Target & Wal Mart)
Farmer Johns hot dogs: FREE! (Stater Bros sale + coupon)
2 packages of Kotex pads, and 2 packages of Kotex pantyliners: FREE! (Target clearance PLUS my coupons made it free!)
Gillette Body Wash: better than free!, they paid me $8 CVS extra bucks to take it! So I actually made $8 for getting this! (I also had a buy one get one free coupon, which is how I got 2!)
Blistex 3 pack (which I'm always using this kind, and always losing them): $1.48 (Target clearance)
Listerne Whitening PreRinse: FREE! (Target clearance + coupon)
Pantene Hairspray: .88 cents (Target clearance + coupon)
Suave deodorant (one of my favorites!): .25 each (Stater Bros sale + coupons)
Green Works laundry detergent -- I usually make my own laundry detergent, but I got this for my mom: .48 cents!! (Target clearance + coupon)
Little Swimmers diapers: $3.49 (Walgreens sale + Walgreens coupon + Manufacturer coupon) -- and for those that don't buy swim diapers... that is an AMAZING deal! Usually they sell for $10!

Oh, and I also got a FREE Airwick i-motion spray thingie. You know those ones you just hit a setting and it sprays automatically... yup, FREE! (Target clearance, because it was "repackaged" plus a coupon)

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