Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Adventures

For those that don't know -- I take classes with National University. Our classes are set up on a monthly schedule. Pretty intense, I know! A class every month! This month's class is "Literary Theory," and oh my GOODNESS am I getting my butt kicked. Not to mention this month started off rough... I had a stomach bug, the kids were sick, and we took Elijah's pacifier away... and it all happened to fall at the exact same time! OY!

So, I feel like this month has been non stop, and I've barely had time to think. On the bright side, Elijah has been paci-free for nearly 3 weeks now! YAY ELI!! My parents had their annual Derby Party... ALWAYS fun. My sister and her fiance came out to visit for the Derby party, my mama's b-day was earlier this week, and some other random stuff going on between now and then... mostly play time with Aunt Laura, Hyrum & Adelaide. :)

Here's some photos!

Derby Party

My mom's 60th b-day
(no, I didn't have 60 candles, so I had to make do with this!)

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