Friday, February 13, 2009

Stop snowing!!!

GAH! I was all ready to go to Scrapbooking Boulevard for the Friday night crop. I had some pages sketched out, was getting my things together earlier, I called earlier today and put my name on the list... and here it is, 430... and what happens? It starts SNOWING... AGAIN!! Stop snowing! I was so excited to go tonight... but nooo it has to start snowing and is showing no signs of letting up!

Wouldn't you know it, too, when I check, it says "snow showers." That's almost worse than just consistent snow... last thing I want to do is drive on black ice that's going to freeze, get snowed on, freeze again, snow some more, freeze again... lovely.

Guess it is a night of scrapbooking in for me. :( *sniffle sniffle*

Oh, and I finally feel better from my cold... another reason I was excited to get out!

Stupid snow.


Brock Family said...

HI! I enjoyed checking out your blog. Your boys are too cute and videos of them are fun! Your LOs and cards are great too. How old are your boys? They look around the same age as my DD and DS! Corey (saints511)

Loots said...

I totally agree. Snow needs to GO AWAY. I'm done.