Monday, January 19, 2009

Trip out!!

Tonight I went to my first little Open House for a Stampin' Up demo, hosted by a very sweet lady named Heather! I had a blast! It was SOOO nice to get out of the house and spend some time with ADULTS!! Not to mention the gals that were there were SO incredibly sweet and funny.. I couldn't have asked for a better time! I can't wait to do it again next month.

I come home, and am standing in the kitchen chit chatting with Patrick about my night, when my mom calls over asking if the Sheriff was outside our house! "Sheriff?! What?!" -- Now if you all know what's been happening lately for us, you know the word "Sheriff" equals panic moment! She laughs, says it isn't about us, but my dad just got a call from our neighbor regarding my parent's property down the road. Somebody was just down at their property and stealing their trailer!! My dad drives down to the property, which is just down the road... you can see it from our spot here... as he is on the phone with the sheriff reporting this, he circles around and these theives steal THE OTHER TRAILER!! Right under his nose!! Can you believe that?!

I peak outside our house and see my dad is outside our place talking to the Sheriff. Before you know it, they are bringing in the Copper Chopper and circling around our house with the big spot light and down the road at the other property looking for this trailer theif. Patrick and I are watching from the front porch. We see this white truck driving on the road the property is on, the truck suddenly turns around, the chopper puts the big beaming spotlight on the truck and starts following the truck. The truck turns around again, this time onto the County dirt field!! Yeah, smooth move exlax.. make yourself look more guilty by suddenly turning down a dirt road. The Sheriff speeds off with his lights on from our house down the road, another Sheriff car pulls up behind him with his lights on. Truck pulls over, and all we can see now is lights because is it is so dark.

My dad comes storming out of his house... in Pat's words, he's never seen him look so mad (lol!) I think he drove down there ready to sucker punch someone (if the cops weren't there that is...) Some time passes, we see the cops drive away, then come back, but the truck was left there. Our guess happened to be true: they arrested the guy(s) doing this, left the truck down there while the theives took them to where the trailers were.

Trailer number one was hidden at the person's house, and trailer number 2 turned out to be hidden in the county dirty lot directly across from the property, which is why they hid it so quickly after my dad drove there.

Patrick and Dad just went and got the 2nd trailer now, the sheriff followed him to our place while they dropped it off with the arrested guy in the back of the car (HAH! SUCKER!). Of course now they second guess that the guy knows where we live... but, right back in his face, because since the first trailer is hid at his house, we'll know wherhe e lives too. So if they dare try anything with us... we know where they live... mwhaha!

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