Friday, January 16, 2009

Stuck in a rut

  1. Wake up with AJ all hours of the night.
  2. Get up with Adam at 7AM when he wakes
  3. Put my coffee on, wake myself up
  4. Elijah gets up
  5. Make breakfast
  6. Listen to AJ whine and cry (probably because he's getting sleepy again)
  7. Put AJ down for nap and 30-40 min later, wake back up
  8. Listen to Elijah whine and cry because the toy isn't doing JUST what he wants it to do
  9. Repeat number 6.
  10. Repeat number 8.
  11. Make lunch
  12. Naps for both
  13. Clean up from lunch
  14. Hope the boys sleep longer than 40 minutes simultaneously. By the time I'm done cleaning up from lunch, dishes put away.. AJ tries to wake again. I must coax him back to sleep, or quickly get him out of the room so Eli hopefully stays asleep.
  15. Both boys up again.
  16. Repeat number 6
  17. Repeat number 8
  18. Repeat number 6
  19. Repeat number 8
  20. Make dinner, while repeating number 8 (this time because my full attention is not on Elijah).
  21. Eat dinner.
  22. Bath, given by me or Patrick while the other gets dishes put away, kitchen cleaned up.
  23. Repeat number 6
  24. AJ to bed
  25. Repeat number 8, because he doesn't want to get his PJs on
  26. Watch Shushybye Baby with Elijah ("Shushybye and Goodnight!")
  27. Put Elijah to bed, a task that can take anywhere from 15 minutes, usually 30, or even an hour.
  28. Repeat all numbers.
If I really feel adventurous, I'll take both the boys to the store after they get up from napping.

Edit - I hate sounding like a whiner. So I took out my whininess part of this post and just leave it at my daily routine... haha :)


Momma E said...

Agh! You poor thing. Like I always tell you - you ARE super mom! :) Hang in there - they will be bigger soon and hopefully much easier.

(Check my friends blog -two in ten - similar situation as yours and I don't know how you guys do it!)

love ya

Steve's Blog said...

Dear Marlana,

Thank you for making Shushybye part of your day with baby Elijah!


Sarah said...

sorry your in a rut too :( i know how you feel woman! hang in there,you're doing great!~ maybe doing something fun when the boys ARE finally asleep will make you feel better,like playing on the wii or taking a long,UNINTERRUPTED, bath :)**hugs**