Friday, January 30, 2009

plan of action... I think.

I believe I've decided which route to take for college now. I've been in limbo for a few years. Believe it or not, this is the SHORTENED version.

Plan A was... communication disorders. Off to SDSU for a B.S. degree in Communication Disorders, then continue to graduate school for the Doctorate of Audiology. Graduate school alone would take 4 years, plus moving out of state. (10 years of school, and no time for a job, and a leaving my family, and out of state tuition, oh my!) Half way through Plan A, I realize I don't like SDSU's program and I reconsider my whole career goals... (do I REALLY want to be a workoholic audiologist?)

No thanks Plan A.

Plan B... child development. I'll finish my degree in child development! Apply to the child development program at SDSU, start that up... no big deal. I'll be done in no time. Oh, but of course, SDSU's child development program is impacted. I spend a year taking tons of courses at a community college again to get into the impacted major of child development. How's that for a blow to the ego... being a senior in college in freshman community college courses. It'll be worth it... right? I'll have my degree and can become a preschool director one day. After a year, I make it into the impacted major! Woohoo!

Little do I know... they changed the whole program while I was taking my year completing lower division requirements. I make it half way through the first semester and - oh dear - this program stinks. Regroup!

See ya later Plan B.

Two years later, I'm revisiting Plan A and Plan B. I could go Plan A once again and finish my degree in about 2 semesters (if I was full time). Well, maybe Plan B will be better? Oh, but wait, SDSU ruined my courses and unit system when they changed all their entire program. Plan B will require started from the veeeery beginning. Is that really what I want? Do I REALLY want to be a preschool director?

Oh boy.

The new and improved plan of action. After much deliberation... I figure, if I'm starting from scratch, I am going into something I love. We can all thank my dad for putting yet another idea in my head. Now, I decided I'll finish my degree at CSU San Bernardino in English, on a Creative Writing track. Some people know writing has been a love of mine for many, many years. CSUSB has an English undergrad program that prepares you for your single subject credential, and to top it off... it waives the CSET English requirement and guarantees you a placement in any teacher credential program! Wow! I read, pondered, talked it over with Patrick, pondered some more, talked it over with my Dad, looked at the website some more, talked it over with Patrick again, thought some more, talked to God about it, checked out the website-again, talked to my mom about it. Yeah, you can see where this goes! In the end, I decided this is the perfect path. I can finally work towards my love of writing, have the option of staying home with the boys if I so choose, and I can also have ANOTHER option of having my teaching credential to be an English teacher.

Woohoo! So that's that. :)

English and writing... I can't seem to stay away from you in all my college years... gee, out of my WHOLE LIFE I can't seem to get away from the love of writing... so why not flow with it? :)

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