Thursday, January 3, 2013

PL365: Jan 2

January 2
CY365 Prompt: New -- Regulus puppy and Molly kitten, in harmony
I used the CY365 prompt today. I took tons of photos (96 to be exact, LOL), and the inspired prompt from CY365 which was new. What came to my mind is my young animals, and how new they are to the world still! The puppy, Regulus - although he doesn't look like it because he is huge - is 7 months old, and the kitten Molly is 6 weeks old. I love how they are sitting together.  I even had another where Molly was actually snuggling on Regulus, but I couldn't resist the personality shining in his eyes here!

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Katrina Kennedy said...

So glad you liked the prompt! You can see his personality shining through his eyes! What sweet pets!