Monday, September 10, 2012

The Ear for Music

Isn't it fascinating to watch how your children grown and develop talents and things they love?

I have experienced such great joy watching Elijah's love of music and performing grow with him.  Ever since he was a baby, he has had this inclination towards music.  He hums or sings, he moves his feet, bobs his head, the works.  When he hears music he just can't help but move!  When he sees instruments, he can't help but play.   When he sees a stage, he is drawn to it, like a moth to a light!

Last weekend we got to go hang out at our friend's house, Michael & Stephanie, where Elijah and Michael proceeded to have a little "jam session."  It felt like further proof to me that Elijah really does have this love and knack for performing.  He has the ear for music.  I wonder if it is just in his blood, if it is nature, or nurture, or both?  Is it because I sit around and listen to classical music? Or perhaps because I danced most of my life?  It could be a bit of both, maybe the dancer/musical genes passed along to him, and then raising him in an environment surrounded by the arts just fuels him on more. 

I will say, the most amazing thing is watching your own flesh and blood discover his talents, especially ones that you share the same passion about.  Call me a sissy, but I see Elijah's ear for music, or his head bobbing up and down, his natural instinct to start dancing when he hears music and it brings joyful tears to my eyes!

As for AJ, he says he wants to start dance like Elijah next season (which starts next month, in October), and I am thrilled to see how he takes to the stage.  Is he going to follow like the rest of us and discover a love of the stage? Performing, music, dance, etc?  He already seems to like it... I can't wait to see how he does!

Elijah had dress rehearsal today for his dance performances... but I'll save that update for later.

I caught a few videos of Elijah & Michael having their musical session.  Enjoy!

Excuse my thumb getting in the way for a few moments of this video! I couldn't see the screen very well!

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