Monday, September 17, 2012

T Minus 5.. 4S... 4....

Who is stoked for the iPhone 5 launch?  Who is thinking it is completely overrated?  Or who just doesn't care?

I admit... I'm a technology junkie.  I'm giddy beyond belief.  I truly didn't think I would love my iPhone 4S as much as I do.  Every day I'm amazed how it runs just so smoothly.  I kid you not, I have it nearly maxed out in memory -- and yet it works! Whenever I did this on my other devices (or PC!) if I get even close to maxing out the memory and the whole thing falls apart on me.  If I didn't work in the cell phone industry, I don't think I would be so eager to rush out and get it the minute I can.  However, since I do, I'm so eager to get it.  What is funny, is the thing I am most excited about is to upgrade to 64GB.  Seriously, that was my biggest regret with the iPhone 4S.  I didn't know just how much I was going to love it, so I went with the 16GB.  At a $400 price tag though, it is probably a blessing in disguise that Sprint makes us wait until the customer demand is met first.  This gives me time to save! If I had the 64GB in the 4S, I may very well be sticking with that!  But, since I didn't... I guess I'll just have to upgrade!  Those sticking with the 4S, no need to fear!  After all, a lot of the new features on the 5 will be the iOS 6 update (coming this Wednesday! whoohoo!)  I do believe a lot of the new features on the iPhone 5 are just things us techie junkies are thrilled about.

Picking apart some of the new features I am thrilled about though... bigger screen, yet not ginormous, and still thinner? Yes, please!  I love being able to hold my phone and text in one hand.  The new LTE features have my itching to try.  Not like we have LTE where I live, but I see all our LTE android phones and how you can surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time... that's pretty cool! I don't need that feature all that often, but there are times that would really come in handy, such as:
Hubby: "Hey babe, how many cups of water does the rice cooker need again?"
Moi: "You know, I can't remember, let me check on that."
On CDMA & Wimax, oh wait, you can't!  On LTE, oh yes, yes you can!

Camera junkies - they say the camera is souped up a bit too.  I saw on the feed from the announcement about having panorama features now.  Plus, improved front facing camera.  Now my "facebook" pose will look even better! Aren't you all so happy?!  And you can take snap shots from your videos? YAY! I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to do that, especially while recording Elijah at dance.

So, I pretty much have myself sold on it. Thank goodness I saved my upgrade!

Now the BIGGEST question... WHITE OR BLACK?!

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