Saturday, February 25, 2012

Project 365 catch up

My sister came to visit, along with my brother in law and adorable little nephew. Needless to say, I completely neglected everything and was totally absorbed in playing with my nephew every chance I had. Now they are heading back home, and I have to resume normal life. That being said, I'll catch up on my blog! Nothing too exciting has happened. I am so proud to say I am still going strong on Project 365 / Project Life. Whoohoo! Here's the latest since my last post...

Feb 6
I got my iPhone 4S! Yippee!

Feb 7
Poor Elijah was sick with a fever.

Feb 8
Two precious boys. My husband and my nephew, Stevie.

Feb 9
My coworker took a picture of all of us for a going away card for our other coworker. I liked the picture, so I had her send it to me and used it has my P365. :)

Feb 12
Oly's going away party

Feb 13
"I'm baaaaaaaaaaad!" (Not bad, but like a bad-ass) ;) That's what he tells me with his cowboy hat and sunglasses.

Feb 14
Valentine's Day treat from my knight!

Feb 15
It finally snowed!!!

Feb 16
We still had some lingering the next morning. Gorgeous!

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Lydia Criss Mays said...

HA! There's so much to comment on, but the picture of writing in the carpet was my absolute favorite. It helps prioritize what's really important in life. Writing on the floor is brilliant and wonderful!

Happy seeing beautiful!