Saturday, February 4, 2012

Catching up

I'm finally starting to feel better. I can't believe how much that sinus infection knocked me off my feet. Thank God for antibiotics! I'm still feeling a little tired, and can't hear diddly-squat out of my left year, but at least I'm not feeling miserable anymore.

Despite all this, I'm proud to say I've still managed to keep up my Project 365! I haven't posted in a few days because I was just focused on feeling better.. but I'm determined to keep going with Project 365! That said, here's my catching up for the last few days.

Project 365 / Project Life - Feb 1
I took the boys to one of their favorite places: the children's consignment shop. Okay, okay, it is one of my favorite places as well. I love selling back my items we aren't using anymore then putting it to store credit. It gets my house cleared of unnecessary items, helps someone out who will need those items, and the kids are always happy because I let them pick out something, and Mama is happy because it is way cheaper than at other places! WIN all the way around! Here's what they picked out for the trip on this day; they each picked some sort of hot wheels/matchbox ramp set that folds into a carrying case. They love it, and it is adorable to see them play together.

Project 365 / Project Life - Feb 2
I was a tad overdue to clean out our hamster's cage. I used to put her in the box she came home in while I cleaned it out. She's wising up to me and started gnawing a hole in the corner. I got her this ball instead. It is way more fun than I thought it would be. She knew what to do almost right away and roams all over the house. The boys love it, and the rest of our pets do too. I'm sure Ophelia (our hamster) loves it the most! Now she really feels like part of our family!

Project 365 / Project Life - Feb 3
I've been searching for throw pillows for the sofa for a long time. I've never found anything that I've really liked or thought worth buying. This day, I found some on clearance at Target; a two pack for $14. I like the colors and the price was right! Whoohoo!

Project 365 / Project Life - Feb 4
Proud daughter moment. My dad was at a school function today where he got to wear his uniform. I'm always proud to be the daughter of a Retired Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps. I got some cute pictures of the boys with him (even though Elijah was being terribly obstinate about the whole photo shoot. However, I decided I'm proud of this picture and maybe I should take an opportunity to have me in the photo for Project 365 / Project Life as well. :)

I have some more adorable pictures to share. Except, I'm tired, so I will show them off tomorrow! (Yes, I give you permission to start singing Annie's version of Tomorrow now.)

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