Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The end is near...

Don't worry, I'm not talking about the Apocalypse or anything like that.

After many, many years of indecisiveness, and two long years working towards my Bachelor's of Arts in English... the end is NEAR. It is so close I can taste it; I can feel it! My next class starts on Monday (mind you, it is a big deal, this class is, and panic IS setting in). Therefore, I only have THREE classes left. THREE! My finish date is scheduled for December 2011. Holy cow, I'm almost there!

Then the question arises...


Props to my girlfriend, Shari Boone, who shared this video with me... and oh how appropriate it is!

I think I would like to continue for the Masters... sometime. My original thought was, "Yeah, sure, I'll just jump right into the masters program!" Hah! Uhm, no. I'm straight up exhausted, yo! I'm ready to be done, and really, I want to go into the "real world" for a while. I'm tired of just being a student. As much as I love children and the education field, I'm a bit sick of it! I've grown up in the world of education, I've worked in education for the last six years... this girl nees to spread her wings a bit and experience life outside the Education Walls again. In 2003-2004 I worked retail at Robinsons-May, and amazingly, I loved it. Truly, I really enjoyed my job.

So, I got brave and bombarded the High Desert with online applications, resumes, and cover letters. I had a few places I was rooting for... and although I know I still have a few classes left, I really wanted to start getting out there now. Lo and behold! I got a bite today! Spring has called me for an interview this Saturday! This was one of the places I was rooting for, and I am crossing all my fingers and toes, saying tons of prayers (aside: you think there is a patron saint of cell phones? maybe he/she can say some extra prayers too!), and rooting all the way this goes through.

If not, I won't stress it. I put in my application to lots of places around town.... but I gotta say... working with cell phones all day is like a dream come true for me. ;) Keep me in your thoughts & prayers this Saturday!!

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