Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sometimes it's fun to just get messy!

I put crosses out for the boys to paint crosses. Purple crosses for the season of lent. It went from painting crosses, to painting paper, to hands, and finally to "face" painting. (yes, that was interesting!) Oh, and even window painting. ;)

I know, being a preschool teacher (or, former?) the importance of letting kids just get MESSY! Sometimes they just have to go to town painting. Here we explored our fine motor skills, art, creativity, and maybe you could say gross motor
skills when they did their "face" painting.

By the way, a long time ago I gave up on thinking we'd ever have clean carpet. Whenever I dress the boys, I don't expect the clothes to last. I know kids clothes are meant to get dirty. Therefore, I don't fret over paint on the clothes or even paint on the carpet. Now, if we lived in an apartment that'd be another story! Luckily, we live in a house, and have already discussed that someday we'll rip up the carpet and put down laminate floors. I knew the day we moved in the carpet wouldn't last! Just embrace it. :)

AJ is battling a bit of a cold. He was mellowing out in bed this morning, watching "Mighty Machines," and snuggling with his blankie and "di-daur"

We ran out of purple, so what better opportunity to teach "red and blue make purple!"

Elijah came up with the idea to paint his hands. He still remembers painting turkey hands around Thanksgiving.

Of course, AJ had to join in too.


See? Mess never fails. I can't even blame that on the kids. *I* did that one!

And of course, on my pants too.

Wow, AJ. How do you manage?

Trying to look at his painted forehead. Love that face he made. ;)

The all new way to "face paint." Literally.


The beautiful aftermath. I love it.

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