Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Crib!

No, not for a new baby!  In case you didn't follow my crib drama on Facebook... our crib that we've had for over two years was RECALLED!  Ugh!  I was hesitant about taking it apart and returning the bolts like they asked... but I just had a feeling I should.  I didn't want Adam to be one of the babies to get hurt.  You know what happened when I took the crib apart?!?  A CRACK where the screws connect... a fairly large crack at that!  One that was just waiting to break apart.

SOOO... here's our NEW crib we picked out with our voucher/refund from Jardine Cribs... needless to say, we didn't buy Jardine this time... we went with Delta!

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PattiM said...

Nice crib!! Shame they had to do a recall but worth getting a new one thats safer. Is the crib one that can be turned into a toddler bed? Cause that would be cute


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